Myles, Alannah

Alannah Myles
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – ALANNAH MYLES)
Alannah Myles (born December 25, 1958, Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, the daughter of Canadian broadcast pioneer William Douglas Byles. In 1989, she released her eponymous debut album. In 1990, “Black Velvet”, a single from that album, was a worldwide hit.

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What Alannah Myles music I have in my cassette collection.

Alannah Myles

1 Still Got This Thing
1 Love Is
1 BlackVelvet
1 Rock This Joint
1 Lover of Mine
2 Kick Start My Hert
2 If You Want To
2 Just One Kiss
2 Who Loves You
2 Hurray Make Love


1 Our World Our Times
1 Make Me Happy
1 Sonny Say You Will
1 Tumbleweed
1 Livin’ On A Memory
2 Song Instead Of A Kiss
2 Love In The Big Town
2 The Last Time I Saw William
2 Lies And Rumours
2 Rocking Horse

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