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Frank Mills
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Frank Mills (born June 27, 1942 in Toronto, Ontario), is a Canadian pianist and recording artist, best known for his solo instrumental hit “Music Box Dancer”. Mills grew up in Verdun, Quebec and started playing piano at age 3. He attended McGill University for five years. He started in Engineering, switched to a B.Sc. program, then Arts and finally with the Department of Music. He entertained his fraternity brothers (Delta Upsilon) with songs from ragtime to a new artist Bob Dylan. The fraternity piano had thumbtacks on every hammer and produced a unique sound. In the late 1960s became a member of The Bells. He left the band in 1971 just before it had international success with the single “Stay Awhile.” Mills worked as a pianist for CBC-TV and recorded his first solo album, Seven Of My Songs, which produced the hit single “Love Me, Love Me Love.”

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What Frank Mills music I have in my cassette collection.

The Twentieth Anniversary Together Through The Years

1 Music Box Dancer
1 From A Sidewalk Café
1 The Poet And I
1 Sunday Morning Suite
1 Peter Piper
1 Piano Lesson #5
1 Prelude TO Romance
1 Terms OF Endearment
1 Theme From Moulin Rouge
1 Send In The Clowns
1 Islands in the Stream
2 Yesterday, When I Was Young
2 Smile
2 Kitty On The Keys
2 The Blues Don’t Last
2 A Classical Rock
2 Concerto #1,2,3 : 1st Movement- 2nd Movement – 3rd Movement
2 Heart of The City
2 Together Through The Years


1 Heart OF The City
1 Seascapes
1 Sketches Of New England
1 Shadows OF The Dancer
1 Signs Of Conflict
2 Diamond In The Rough
2 Island Hopping
2 Let’s Not Leave This Way
2 Storm Warning
2 Transitions And Triumphs


1 Chickadee
1 A Mind Of Her Own
1 Are You Still Loving Me?
1 He’s Alright
1 Rondo In America
2 A Classical Rock
2 A Song For Andromeda
2 Concerto #1 for Piano, Rock Band And Orchestra
2 First Movement
2 Andante
2 Second Movement
2 Adagio
2 Third Movement
2 Allegro


1 The Land That I Call Home (Part I)
1 Fair And Tender Ladies
1 Skye Boat Song
1 Reminiscing with You
1 Grace
1 Coming Home
1 When You And I Were Young, Maggie
1 With Someone Like You
2 The Land That I Call Home (Part II)
2 Danny Boy
2 The Mountains Of Mourne
2 Mary’s Song
2 Shenandoah
2 The Land That I Call Home (Part III)
2 The Road To Home
2 Now Is The Hour

Music Box Dancer

1 Music Box Dancer
1 From A Sidewalk Cafe
1 Theme From The Silver Broom
1 When You Smile
1 Love’s Like That
1 Storm Warning
2 The Poet And I
2 Spanish Coffee
2 You Don’t Love No More
2 Valse Classique
2 401 West
2 Music Box Dancer

The Poet and I

1 Spanish Coffee
1 You Don’t Love No More
1 Valse Classique
1 Hennessey’s Island
1 Blackfoot Country
1 Music Box Dancer
2 From A Sidewalk Café
2 Theme From The Silver Broom
2 The Poet and I
2 Love’s Like That
2 When You Smile

Sunday Morning Suite

1 Sunday Morning Suite
1 Peter Piper
1 Most People Are Nice
1 Wherever You Go
1 On The Move
1 Reflections
2 Piano Lesson # 5
2 Mary, Queen OF Scots
2 Interlude
2 The Happy Song
2 Ski Fever

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