Messer, Don (and His Islanders)

Don Messer and His Islanders
Looking for an ‘official’ website? Try here: Don Messer and His Islanders – Gov’t of Nova Scotia site
A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – DON MESSER AND HIS ISLANDERS)
Donald Charles Frederick (Don) Messer (May 9, 1909 – March 26, 1973) was a Canadian musician and defining icon of folk music during the 1960s. Born in Tweedside, New Brunswick, Messer began playing the violin at age five, learning fiddle tunes with Irish and Scottish influences. As a young boy, Messer would play concerts in the local area and later throughout southwestern New Brunswick.

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What Don Messer and His Islanders music I have in my cassette collection.

A Tribute – Tape 1

1 Don Messer’s Jubilee Jig
1 St. Anne’s Reel
1 Alley Crocker Reel
1 Dusty Miller’s Reel
1 Silver & Gold
1 White Ring Stomp
1 Patronella
2 Messer’s Cross Canada Jig
2 Black Velvet Waltz
2 The Ranger’s Waltz
2 Atlantic Polka (Change 1)
2 The Buchta Dancer’s Polka
2 Flannigan’s Polka
2 Big Angus Campbell

A Tribute – Tape 2

1 Don Messer’s Breakdown
1 Big John McNeil
1 Vails Breakdown
1 Liverpool Hornpipe
1 Rollaway Hornpipe
1 Rubber Dolly
1 Red Wing
2 The Bible Tells Me So
2 What A Friend We Have In Jesus
2 He
2 It Is No Secret
2 Soldier’s Joy

Down East

1 Hannigan’s Hornpipe
1 Bonnie Lass of Bonaccord
1 The Riddle Song
1 Interlake Waltz
1 Growing Old Man & Old Woman
1 Whispering Hope
2 Riley’s Favourite Reel
2 Tina’s Reel
2 Sweet Betsy From Pike
2 Grant Lamb’s Breakdown
2 Robin’s Return
2 It’s No Secret

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