MacNeil, Rita

Rita MacNeil
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A short summary from Wiki: (More WIKI info here: WIKI – RITA MACNEIL)
Rita MacNeil, CM, ONS (born May 28, 1944) is a Canadian country and folk singer from the community of Big Pond on Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island. Her biggest hit, “Flying On Your Own”, was a crossover Top 40 hit in 1987 and was covered by Anne Murray the following year, although she has had hits on the country charts throughout her career. In the United Kingdom, MacNeil’s song “Working Man” was a #11 hit in 1990.

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What Rita MacNeil music I have in my cassette collection.

Reason To Believe

1 Walk On Through
1 Two Steps From Broken
1 City Child
1 Doors OF The Cemetery
2 Reason To Believe
2 When The Lovin’ Is Through
2 The Music’s Going Around Again
2 Working Man
2 Good Friends

Home I’ll Be

1 You Taught Me Well
1 Call Me And I’ll Be There
1 Watch Love Grow Strong
1 This Thing Called Love
1 Home I’ll Be
2 How Many Hearts
2 Southeast Wind
2 The Hurtin’ Kind
2 Old Flames Never Die
2 Does It Ever Change

Porch Songs

1 Rolling Thunder
1 Coming Around Again
1 All for Love
1 Field of Daisies
1 Walk Softly
1 I Guess I always Will
2 Steal Me Away
2 Stay Out of Harm’s Way
2 Sweet Memory
2 The Light Burns On
2 Tell the World
2 It’s For You

Flying On Your Own

1 Flying On Your Own
1 Neon City
1 She’s Called Nova Scotia
1 Baby Baby
1 Leave Her Memory
2 First Train to Tokyo
2 Everybody
2 Used to You
2 Loser (When It Comes To Love)
2 Realized Your Dreams
2 I Believe in You

Now The Bells Ring

1 Silent Night
1 Now the Bells Ring
1 The Season Will Never Grow Old
1 Blue Christmas
1 Christmas Has Meaning
2 The Holly
2 Mother Mary
2 Away in a Manger
2 Christmas at Home
2 O Holy Night!

Thinking Of You

1 Old Man
1 Shining Strong
1 Moment In Time
1 Lupins
1 Bring It To Me
2 Broken Heartstrings
2 The Crossing
2 Thinking Of You
2 I Need To Feel Close Again
2 Bring It On Home To Me

I’m Not What I Seem

1 Southeast Wind
1 90% Stoned, 10% Blue
1 Here’s To The People
1 Kuan-Yin Doll
1 Strung Out And Crazy
2 Stephen Foster Song
2 Broken Heart Strings
2 Oh Love
2 Some Of Us Slide
2 I’m Not What I Seem

Mining The Soul

1 Working Man
1 Plain Ole Miner Boy
1 Emigrant Eyes
1 We Rise Again
1 In A Town This Size
1 Farewell To Nova Scotia
2 Working In A Coal Mine
2 Sweet Jesus
2 Dark As A Dungeon
2 Home I’ll Be
2 I Shall Not Walk Alone

Music Of A Thousand Nights

1 Cold Stone Wall
1 View From The Heart
1 On A Friday Afternoon
1 Troubadours
1 Johnny Be Fair
1 Snowbird
2 Cold As A Russian Winter
2 This I Surely Know
2 I Will (In Time)
2 Married In The 60’s
2 No Matter What We Say
2 The Real Thing


1 Crazy Love
1 Anna I.O.U.
1 I’ll Accept The Rose
1 You’ve Known Love
1 Moonlight And Clover
1 When Love Surrounded You And I
2 Black Rock
2 Part Of The Mystery
2 Why Do I Think Of You Today
2 The Other One
2 In The Spirit
2 We’ll Reach The Sky Tonight

Volume One From The Collection

1 Reason To Believe
1 We’ll Reach The Sky Tonight
1 Home I’ll Be
1 Shining Strong
1 Flying on Your Own
1 This Thing Called Love
1 Working Man
2 I’ll Accept The Rose
2 Moment In Time
2 She’s Called Nova Scotia
2 Leave Her Memory
2 Fast Train To Tokyo
2 The Crossing
2 Good Friends
2 Higher Power

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