Kaldor, Connie

Connie Kaldor
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – CONNIE KALDOR)
Connie Isabelle Kaldor, CM (born 9 May 1953) is a Canadian folk singer/songwriter. She is the recipient of three Juno awards. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, she graduated from Campbell Collegiate in Regina in 1972 and the University of Alberta in 1976 with a BFA degree in theatre. She performed with various theatre groups, including Theatre Passe Muraille, The Mummers and 25th Street House Theatre, until 1979, when she gave it up to start a full-time music career. In 1981, she founded her own independent record label, Coyote Entertainment, and has released fourteen albums. She has won the Juno Award for best children’s album three times, in 1989, 2004, and 2005, though most of her music is for adults. She co-wrote a song for the animated television series based on the comic strip For Better or For Worse, which debuted in 2000. She is married to music producer and Hart-Rouge member Paul Campagne, and lives in Montreal.

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What Connie Kaldor music I have in my cassette collection.

Gentle Of Heart

1 Gentle Of Heart
1 Love Letters
1 Rage Inside
1 If You Leave me Now
1 River Song
1 Thin Thread
2 Heart For The Boy
2 Warm Yourself
2 Passion
2 One Hit
2 I Go Out Walking

Wood River

1 Wood River
1 Outflow
1 Sleepy Little Town
1 Can’t Go Back
1 Modern Lullaby
1 Canoe Song
1 Bird On A Wing
2 Harsh And Unforgiving
2 Just A Little Dream
2 Hymn From Pincher Creek
2 Spring On The Prairies
2 Margaret’s Waltz
2 Grandmother’s Song
2 Saskatoon Moon

Moonlight Grocery

1 Wanderlust
1 Caught In The Crossfire
1 Danger Danger
1 Calais Maine
1 Get BackThe Night
2 Talk Without Speaking
2 Love Or Something
2 Moonlight Grocery
2 Wood River
2 Bird On A Wing
2 Maria’s Place/ Batoche

One Of These Days

1 One Of These Days
1 Loving Kind
1 God Made Mamas To Cry
1 Decision
1 Jerks
1 Sheep Creek
2 Play Me Something Sentimental
2 Roy
2 Aurevoir Bye Bye
2 Gone Are The Days
2 Strength, Love and Laughter

Small Cafe

1 Someday
1 What Do They Know
1 If I Was To Tell You
1 Down To A River
1 Coyote’s Call
1 Get Lucky
2 Choppy Water
2 I Don’t Care
2 He’s Running In His Sleep
2 Old Friends
2 Prairie Moon
2 I Love That Dog

Out Of The Blue

1 Relax
1 I Don’t Love Weasy
1 I’ll Take Good Care
1 Singer Of The Sacred Heart
1 Mother’s Prayer
1 Why Aren’t You Here?
2 What A Mess Love Is
2 Hope In My Heart
2 I Am A Believer
2 Bigger Than Anywhere Else

Lullaby Berceuse
Connie Kaldor Lullaby Berceuse
1 All Through The Night
1 Prairie Lullaby
1 Lullaby, Lullaby
1 I Have You
1 Dream Baby/L’Enfant Des Reves
1 I’ve Been Told
1 Hush-A By
2 Bonne Nuit
2 Poulette Grise
2 Petit Bebe
2 Maman Fait Dodo
2 Bereuse Pour Enamuel Reuben James
2 Isabeau

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