Hardy, Hagood

Hagood Hardy
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – HAYGOOD HARDY)
Hugh Hagood Hardy, CM (February 26, 1937 – January 1, 1997) was a Canadian composer, pianist, and vibraphonist. He is best known for the 1975 single, “The Homecoming”, (US #41 pop, #6 easy listening) originally created as music to a 1972 TV commercial for Salada tea, and for his soundtrack to the Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea films.

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What Hagood Hardy music I have in my cassette collection.

The Homecoming

1 The Homecoming
1 Balloons
1 Quorum
1 I Won’t Last A Day Without You
1 My Elusive Dream
1 Travellin’ On
2 Jennifer’s Song
2 You And Me Against The World
2 Cold On the Shoulder
2 Clouds
2 Wintertime
2 The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye

Hagood Hardy

1 Anne’s Theme (t.v. – Anne Of Green Gables)
1 Watch What Happens
1 Stay For A While
1 Summer of ’42
1 Evergreen
2 Silent Sky
2 Masquerade
2 This Is My Beloved
2 The Homecoming
2 Jennifer’s Song

Chasing A Dream

1 Chasing a Dream
1 My Song
1 Friends In This World
1 Will You Be There?
1 Children of the Dream
2 The Dream Seeker
2 You’re the One For Me
2 A Walk in the Woods
2 Rainy Afternoon
2 The Dream

All My Best

1 Chasing A Dream
1 Samba #7
1 Anne’s Theme
1 Masquerade
1 The Homecoming/Jennifer’s Song
1 Hold Me Close
1 Friends In This World
2 You’re The One For Me
2 Summer of 42
2 The Dream Seeker
2 This Is My Beloved
2 Fair Wind
2 Children Of The Dream
2 Watch What Happens
2 Silent Sky


1 Anne At Green Gables
2 Anne At Kingsport

The Haygood Harding Collection

1 Walk With Me
1 Jennifer’s Song
1 Reunion
1 Love Of Life
1 Tell Me My Name
1 Les Arrivants
2 Love Song
2 Sonny’s Ragtime
2 Maybe Tomorrow
2 Harlequin
2 The Bird Walk
2 The Homecoming

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