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Jimmy George
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI _JIMMY GEORGE)
Jimmy George is a Canadian folk rock band, who blended Celtic folk with rock influences in a manner similar to Spirit of the West and Great Big Sea. Formed in Ottawa in 1991, the original lineup consisted of Mike “Spike” Lawson electric guitar, Joel Carlson mandolin, Steve Barry (vocals), Duncan Gillis (acoustic guitar/penny whistle), Rob Porter (drums), Michael Eady (fiddle) and Colin Burns (bass). Various members came and left over the subsequent years. The band at the end of their 9-year run as house band at the Duke of Somerset pub consisted of vocalist and guitarist J. Todd, electric guitarist Steve Donnelly, bassist George Jennings, Joel Carlson on mandolin, Jeff Kerr on banjo, Mickey Vallee on accordion, and Tom Werbowetski on drums.

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What Jimmy George music I have in my cassette collection.

A Month Of Sundays

1 My Final Days With You
1 Barnstorming
1 Breakfast With St. Swithin
1 Parading
1 Four Feet From Shore
1 Under Study
1 Things I Did Wrong
2 Frontiers
2 Prophets Of Doom
2 Suicide
2 Owen
2 The Recuperative Powers Of The Soul
2 Slept All Afternoon
2 What I Should Do

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