Gayle, Crystal

Crystal Gayle

Nobody Wants To Be Alone
Crystal Gayle Nobody Wants To Be Alone
1 A Long And Lasting Love
1 Tonight, Tonight
1 Nobody Wants To Be Alone
1 Love Does That To Fools
1 Coming To The Dance
2 You Were There For Me
2 Touch And Go
2 Someone Like You
2 A New Way To Say I Love You
2 God Bless The Child

Crystal Gayle
Crystal Gayle
1 I’ve Cried (The Blue Right Out Of My Eyes)
1 Sparklin’ Look of Love
1 Everybody Oughta Cry
1 Mama It’s Different This Time
2 Touching Me Again
2 Show Me How
2 M.R.S. Degree
2 I Hope You’re Havin’ Better Luck Than Me

Nobody’s Angel
Crystal Gayle Nobody's Angel
1 Nobody’s Angel
1 Prove Me Wrong
1 Old Habits Die Hard
1 Tennessee Nights
1 When Love Is New
2 Hopeless Romantic
2 Love May Find You
2 Love Found Me
2 Heat
2 After The Best

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