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Seals & Crofts
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A short summary from Wiki: (More Wiki info here: WIKI – SEALS & CROFTS)
Seals and Crofts is a band made up of Jim Seals (born James Seals, October 17, 1941, Sidney, Texas) and Dash Crofts (born Darrell Crofts, August 14, 1940, Cisco, Texas). The soft rock duo was one of the most successful musical acts of the 1970s. They are best-known for their hits “Summer Breeze” and “Diamond Girl”. (Seals’ younger brother, Dan Seals was also well known as one half of another successful soft rock band in the same time period, England Dan & John Ford Coley, as well as for his success as a country artist in the mid-1980s.) The duo disbanded in 1980, and both members went on to become public advocates of the Bahá’í Faith. They reunited briefly in 1991–1992 and again in 2004, when they released their final album, Traces.

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What Seals & Crofts music I have in my cassette collection.

Greatest Hits

1 When I Meet Them
1 Diamond Girl
1 Hummingbird
1 Castles In The Sand
1 East of the Ginger trees
2 I’ll Play For You
2 Ruby Jean and Billie Lee
2 King of Nothing
2 Summer Breeze
2 We May Never Pass This Way (Again)

Diamond Girl

1 Diamond Girl
1 Ruby Jean and Billie Lee
1 Intone My Servant
1 We May Never Pass THis Way (Again)
1 Nine Houses
2 Standin’ On A Mountain Top
2 It’s Gonna Come Down (On You)
2 Jessicca
2 Dust On My Saddle
2 Wisdom

Takin’ It Easy

1 Takin’ It Easy
1 One More Time
1 Midnight Blue
1 You’re The Love
1 Sunrise
2 Breaking In A Brand New Love
2 Magnolia Moon
2 Nobody Gets Over Lovin’ You
2 Forever Like The Rose
2 A Tribute to ‘Abdu’ L-Baha

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