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The Parachute Club

Looking for this group’s official website? No Specific “official” website found but the PC blog is here: The Parachute Club blog

A short summary from Wiki:
The Parachute Club was a Canadian band formed in Toronto in 1982. They released three top 40 hits in Canada between 1983 and 1987, including “Rise Up”,[1] “”At the Feet of the Moon” and “Love Is Fire” (which featured guest duet vocals from John Oates). The band broke up in 1989. A reconstituted version of the Parachute Club played a number of shows between 2005 and 2008.
(More information from Wiki here: Wiki – The Parachute Club)

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What “The Parachute Club” music I have in my collection

Small Victories

1 Tearing The Veil
1 Love Is Fire
1 Secret Heart (Wild Zone)
1 Walk To The Rhythm of Your Heartbeat
1 Love and Compassion
2 Small Victories
2 The Journey
2 Cheat The Prophecy
2 Waves

At The Feet Of The Moon

1 At the Feet Of The Moon
1 Sexual Intelligence
1 Innuendo
1 Equal/Equally
2 Middle Child
2 Act Of An Innocent
2 Freedom Song
2 Walls And Laws

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