Boys, The Oakridge

The Oakridge Boys

Fancy Free

1 Elvira
1 When Love Calls You
1 How Long Has IT Been
1 When I’m With You
1 Another Dream Just Came True
2 I’m Settin’ Fancy Free
2 Dream Of Me
2 Somewhere In The Night
2 She’s Gone To L.A. Again
2 I Would Crawl All The Way To (The River)

American Made

1 Love Song
1 She’s Not Just Another Pretty Face
1 Amity
1 You’re The One
1 Down The Hall
2 American Made
2 Any Old Time You Choose
2 Heart On The Line (Operator, Operator)
2 You Made It Beautiful
2 I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here today


1 Gonna Take A Lot Of River (Mississippi, Monongahela, Ohio)
1 I Can Count On You
1 Never Together (But Close Sometimes)
1 No Way Out
1 Beyond Those Years
2 Private Lives
2 Too Many Heartaches
2 Bridges And Walls
2 When Karen Comes Around
2 Taking One Heartbeat (At A Time)


1 Seasons
1 What Are You Doing In My Dream
1 Bedtime
1 Hidin’ Place
1 Don’t Break The Code
2 Juliet
2 You Made A Rock Of A Rolling Stone
2 Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz)
2 What You Do To Me
2 Everybody Wins

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