Black, Alistair

Alisatair Black
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The following is from the above referenced Didgeridoo Distribution website: Alastair Black was born in New Guinea and spent his formative years in multi-culturally influenced environments, both in New Guinea and on a farming property near the Aboriginal reserve of Point Pearce, Australia. He attended school with students from Borneo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and, of course, Australia. As a wool-classer, he spent time studying culture in New Zealand, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. Playing the didgeridoo became a natural extension for Alastair who appreciates that to “understand a culture you need to participate in it”. Over a number of years, his proficiency in playing developed to a point where, with the encouragement of Rolf Harris and Burnum Burnum (a respected Aboriginal leader), he begun his vocation to introduce others to the wonder and enjoyment of the didgeridoo.

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Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon

What Alistair Black music I have in my cassette collection.

Didgeridoo – Earth Tones

1 Morning Mist
1 Stalking
1 Harmony
1 Brolga Waltz
1 Earth Rhythm
1 Desert Walk
1 Scrub Chorus
2 Wild Man
2 Moonlight Shadows
2 Haunting Woman
2 Pace
2 Day Dream
2 Storm Brewing

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