Alarm, The

The Alarm
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The Alarm are an alternative rock band that emerged from North Wales in the late 1970s. They started as a mod band and stayed together for over ten years. As a rock band, they displayed marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alternative rock band of the 1980s, retaining a small but loyal following to the present day.

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What The Alarm music I have in my collection.

Eye Of The Hurricane

1 Rain In The Summertime
1 Newtown Jericho
1 Hallowed Ground
1 One Step Closer To Home
1 ***
1 Shelter
2 Rescue Me
2 Permanence In Change
2 Presence Of Love
2 Only Love Can Set Me Free
2 Eye Of The Hurricane

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