Music Collection

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

About Ron’s music collection: Over a period of time, I have accumulated a “small” collection of music which I listen to when processing and uploading images to this blog. Could be just about any genre at any given time. That “small” collection has now grown to more than 3,000 music cassettes and an increasing number of CDs. I have lots of choice :-).

Not an mp3 fanatic yet but might become one as MP3 album prices continue to feature sales – MP3s on sale at Amazon

Clicking on the links below will take you to a page in my collection portal which provides photos of the cassette covers and track lists of the cassettes that I have as well as links to the artist’s or group’s web page, if I could find one. For those that I have completed, I also include a brief summary from Wiki with a link to the Wiki page and links to various ebay pages and Amazon pages where you can buy used and new vinyl, cassettes, CDs, MP3s or memorabilia of the selected artist or group. Those names without links are still in the work queue.

This music project is still what I like to consider a work-in-progress as I add more and more features over time. I’m trying to develop this section of the website as consistent, simple and useful way for me to catalog the information and music links of value to me while providing the same functionality for others who visit our website.

Tech note:
Photographed in their plastic cases for expediency. Photographic excellence was not the goal! For the most part, the listing is alphabetical by last name of the individual or group.

A., Jimmy Jimmy A.
A4, Neo A4, Neo
Lee, Aaron Aaron, Lee
Abbott, Gregory Gregory Abbott
Abel, Richard
Abdul, Paula Abdul, Paula
Aces, The Four Aces, The Four
Acres and Acres
49 Acres
Act, The Balancing Act, The Balancing
Adams, Bryan Adams, Bryan
Adams, Charlie Charlie Adams
Addiction, Jane’s
Advance, Strange Advance, Strange
Adventures, The Adventures, The
Aeroplanes, The Blue
Aerosmith Aerosmith
Aglukark, Susan Aglukark, Susan
Aguilera, Christina Aguilera, Christina
Korin Ahluwalia
Airplane, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson
Alabama Alabama
Alarm, The Alarm, The
Alaska Alaska
Alias Alias
Alive, Dead or Alive, Dead or
Aloof, The
Alpert, Herb Alpert, Herb
Alphaville Alphaville
Ambush Ambush
America, Trout Fishing In
Andrews, Julie Andrews, Julie
Angels, Arc Angels, Arc
Angie, Miss Angie, Miss
Animals, The Animals, The
Anka, Paul Anka, Paul
Anthony, Little (And The Imperials)
Apparatus, King
Apple, Fiona Apple, Fiona
Aqua Aqua
Arden, Jann Arden, Jann
Armstrong, Louis Armstrong, Louis
Arrows, The Arrows, The
Arsenault, Catherine Arsenault, Catherine
Asia Asia
Asylum, Soul
A*Teens A*Teens
Atkins, Chet
Autry, Gene Autrey, Gene
Averill, Robin Averill, Robin
Ayler, Albert
B, Try ‘N’ B, Try ‘N’
B 52’s B 52’s
Baby, Swamp Baby, Swamp
Bacharach, Burt Bacharach, Burt
Back, Laid Back, Laid
Baez, Joan Baez, Joan
Bailey, Philip Bailey, Philip
Baird, Dan
Baisie, Count
Baker, Anita Baker, Anita
Balitsaris, Matt Balitsaris, Matt
Bananarama Bananarama
Band, The
Band, Uncle Harry’s Bar Uncle Harry’s Bar Band
Band, Battlefield
Band, Nashville Bluegrass
Band, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Dirty Dozen Brass
Band, The Dirt
Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Nitty Gritty Dirt
Band, The Matthew Good
Band, The Jeff Healey Band, The Jeff Healey
Band, Dave Matthew’s
Band, The Steve Miller
Band, Little River Band, Little River
Band, Crazy Otto’s Ragtime
Band, The Desert RoseBand, The Desert Rose
Band, Bourbon Street Dixieland Show Band (Of North Battleford) Band, Bourbon Street Dixieland
Band, The Spitfire
Band, Jerry Sleger’s One Man Band, Jerry Sleger’s One Man
Bangles, The Bangles, The
Barbosa-Lima, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Carlos
Barone, Richard Barone, Richard
Barron, Rik Rik Barron
Base, Ace of Base, Ace of
Baxter, Les
B.B’s, Les B.B.’s, Les
Beal, Jeff
Beatles, The Beatles, The
Belafonte, Harry Belafonte, Harry
Benatar, Pat Benatar, Pat
Bennett, Tony
Benny, Jack
Benoit, Gabe Benoit, Gabe
Benson, George Benson, George
Bentall, Barney (And The Legendary Hearts)
Bergeron, Andre
Berlin, Irving
Berry, Chuck
Bianco, Matt Bianco, Matt
Bim, Bim Skala Bim Skala Bim
Birchall, George
Bishop, Stephen
Black, Alastair Black, Alastair
Blackhawk II Blackhawk II
Blais, Faye
Blige, Mary J. Bilge, Mary J.
Block, New Kids On The Block, New Kids On The
Blonde, Concrete Blonde, Concrete
Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Platinum
Blondie Blondie
Blossoms, Gin
Blouin, Johanne
Blowfish, Hootie & The Blowfish, Hootie & The
Bobby, Ice Cream
Bociurkiw, Roman Bociurkiw, Roman
Bogguss, Susy Bogguss, Suzy
Bohemians, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, Edie Brickell & New
Bolton, Michael Bolton, Michael
Boomers, The Boomers, The
Boots, Chet, Floyd & Boots, Chet, Floyd &
Boston Boston
Bowie, David Bowie, David
Box, Black Box, Black
Box, The Box, The
Boyd, Liona Boyd, Liona
Boyle, Dale
Boys, Backstreet Boys, Backstreet
Boys, Beach Boys, Beach
Boys, Beastie Boys, Beastie
Boys, Blue Ridge Mountain Boys, Blue Ridge Mountain
Boys, Da’ Newfie Boys, Da’ Newfie
Boys, The Oakridge Boys, The Oakridge
Boys, Shanty
Boys, Pet Shop Boys, Pet Shop
Braithwaite, Diana Braithwaite, Diana
Bram, Sharon, Lois & Bram, Sharon, Lois &
Branigan, Laura Branigan, Laura
Brass, Rob McConnell and the Boss
Brass, Canadian Brass, Canadian
Braxton, Toni Braxton, Toni
Brel, jacques Brel, Jacques
Brew, Strange
Brooks, Garth Brooks, Garth
Brothers, The Clancy (With Tom Markem) Brothers, The Clancy (with Tom Makem)
Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Doobie
Brothers, The Dorsey
Brothers, The Everly Brothers, The Everly
Brothers, The Mills Brothers, The Mills
Brothers, The Neville Brothers, The Neville
Brothers, The Righteous Brothers, The Righteous
Brothers, The Statler Brothers, The Statler
Brown, Bobby
Brown, James Brown, James
Brown, Les
Brown, Sam
Brown, Scott Wesley Brown, Scott Wesley
Browne, Jackson
Bucklew, Wendy
Buffett, Jimmy Buffet, Jimmy
Bugnon, Alex Bugnon, Alex
Burger, Anthony
Burns, Jim
Bush, Kate Bush, Kate
Butler, Edith Butler, Edith
Bygraves, Max
Byrd, Tracy Byrd, Tracy
Byrds, The Byrds, The
Cabrel, Francis Cabrel, Francis
Caiola, Al
Calamity, Natural
Call, The Call, The
Callas, Maria Callas, Maria
Campagne, Carmen
Campbell, Rebecca (Bec & Ruth)
Campbell, Glen Campbell, Glen
Candi, and The Backbeat Candi (and the Backbeat)
Cannibals, Fine Young Cannibals, Fine Young
Carey, Mariah Carey, Mariah
Carlisle, Belinda Carlisle, Belinda
Carnes, Kim Carnes, Kim
Carpenter, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Mary-Chapin
Carpenters, The Carpenters, The
Cars, The Cars, The
Carter, Wilf Carter, Wilf
Cartouche Cartouche
Caruso, Enrico Caruso, Enrico
Cash, Andrew
Cash, Johnny Cash, Johnny
Chains, Alice In
Changa, Choonga
Changes, Purple Changes, Purple
Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Steven Curtis
Chapman, Tracy Chapman, Tracy
Charger, Treble
Charlebois, Robert
Charles, Ray Charles, Ray
Checker, Chubby Checker, Chubby
Cher Cher
Chesnutt, Mark Chesnutt, Mark
Chicago Chicago
Chicks, Dixie
Chiefs, Wheat Chiefs, Wheat
Chieftains, The Chieftains, The
Child, Jane Child, Jane
Chilliwack Chilliwack
Chills, The
Circle, Chalk
Circle, Inner
Clan Clan
Clannad Clannad
Clapton, Eric Clapton, Eric
Clark, Roy
Clash, The Clash, The
Clayderman, Richard Clayderman, Richard
Clegg, Johnny (and Savuka)
Cleveland, Ashley Cleveland, Ashley
Cline, Patsy Cline, Patsy
Clooney, Rosemary Clooney, Rosemary
Club, S (formerly S Club 7) Club, S (formerly S Club 7)
Club, Buffalo
Club, Culture Club, Culture
Club, The Escape Club, The Escape
Club, The Parachute Club, The Parachute
Club, Timex Social Club, Timex Social
Coasters, The
Cochrane, Tom Cochrane, Tom
Cockburn, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce
Cocker, Joe Cocker, Joe
Cohen, Leonard Cohen, Leonard
Cole, Nat King Cole, Nat King
Cole, Natalie
Cole, Paula Cole, Paula
Coles, Ellis and Wince
Collectors, Hunters and
Collins, Kevin
Collins, Phil Collins, Phil
Colour, Living Colour, Living
Colvin, Shawn
Combo, Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo, Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo
Commodores Commodores
Como, Perry Como, Perry
Company, Spice & Company, Spice &
Cooder, Ry
Connors, Stompin’ Tom Connors, Stompin’ Tom
Coolidge, Rita
Cooper, Alice Cooper, Alice
Cordeiro, Lorna Lorna Cordeiro
Corndogs, The Corndogs, The
Corrs, The Corrs, The
Cosby, Bill Cosby, Bill
Cossu, Scott Cossu, Scott
Costello, Elvis
Cove, Strachan’s Cove, Strachan’s
Coward, Noel Coward, Noel
Cowsills Cowsills
Craig, Linda Linda Craig
Cramer, Floyd
Cranberries, The Cranberries, The
Crawl, The Australian Crawl, The Australian
Cream Cream
Cree, White Tail Cree, White Tail
Croce, Jim
Crofts, Seals & Crofts, Seals &
Crosby, Bing Crosby, Bing
Cross, Christopher Cross, Christopher
Cross, Rawlins Cross, Rawlins
Crow, Sheryl Crow, Sheryl
Crowes, the Black Crowes, The Black
Crows, Counting Crows, Counting
Crue, The Motley Crue, The Motley
Crutcher, Rusty Crutcher, Rusty
Cryers, The Town Cryers, The Town
Cubes, Sugar Cubes, Sugar
Cult, The Blue Oyster
Cult, The Cult, The
Cummings, Burton Cummings, Burton
Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Billy Ray
Daddies, Cherry Poppin’
Dalton, Lacy J.
Damone, Vic Damone, Vic
Dan, Steely Dan, Steely
D’Arby, Terence Trent
D’Arcy, Dominic Dominic D’Arcy
Daredevils, The Ozark Mountain Daredevils, The Ozark Mountain
Daughter, Farmer’s Daughter, Farmer’s
Davis, Wendy
Dawn, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Tony Orlando and
Day, Doris Day, Doris
Day, Green Day, Green
Day, Third Day, Third
Dayne, Taylor
Days, Thirteen Days, Thirteen
Dead, Grateful Dead, Grateful
Deadshake, The Dixie Deadshake, The Dixie
Dean, Jan & Dean, Jan &
De Burgh, Chris De Burgh, Chris
Deeps, Men of the Men of the Deeps
De Grassi, Alex Grassi, Alex De
Delta Delta
Denver, John Denver, John
Deserters Deserters
Development, Arrested Development, Arrested
De Young, Dennis De Young, Dennis
Diamond, Charlotte
Diamond, Neil Diamond, Neil
Diaz, Alirio Diaz, Alirio
Diffie, Joe Diffie, Joe
Dion, Celine Dion, Celine
Doane, Melanie Doane, Melanie
Doctors, Spin Doctors, Spin
Dolan, Jacqueline
Dolls, Goo Goo
Domingo, Placido Domingo, Placido
Domingues, Dario Domingues, Dario
Domino, Fats Domino, Fats
Donovan Donovan
Doors, The Doors, The
Dorsey, Tommy
Doubt, No Doubt, No
Doughboys Doughboys
Doyle, Teresa Doyle, Teresa
Dreamers, Freddie And The
Drifters, The Drifters, The
Driscoll, Kenny
Dubois, Claude Dubois, Claude
Duff, Figgy Duff, Figgy
Duff, Hilary
Duff, Michael
Dugay, Bernard
Dummies, Crash Test Dummies, Crash Test
Duncan, Bryan Duncan, Bryan
Dunn, Books & Dunn, Brooks &
Dunphy, Sean Dunphy, Sean
Duran, Duran Duran Duran
Duteil, Yves Duteil, Yves
Dylan, Bob Dylan, Bob
Eagles Eagles
Eaglesmith, Fred
Eareckson, Joni
Earle, Steve Earle, Steve
Earons, The The Earons
Earring, Golden
Earth, I Mother
Easton, Sheena Easton, Sheena
Eden, East of Eden, East of
Eggleston, Eric
Eggs, The Furry Eggs, The Furry
Electric, The Age Of
Electric, The Cult
Tim & Elise
Elliott, Kirk
Ellis, Tyler Ellis, Tyler
El-Safi, Wadih El-Safi, Wadih
Emeralds, The
Emmett, Rick Emmett, Rick
England, New
English, Bad English, Bad
English, Modern English, Modern
Enigma Enigma
Ensemble, Deya Marshall Ensemble, Deya Marshall
Enya Enya
Enz, Split
Esmeralda, Santa
Esquires, The Esquires, The
Estefan, Gloria (and The Miami SOund Machine)Estefan, Gloria (and the Miami Sound Machine)
Etheridge, Melissa
Eurogliders Eurogliders
Europe Europe
Eurythmics Eurythmics
Evans, Dale and Roy Rogers Evans, Dale and Roy Rogers
Exchange Exchange
Extreme Extreme
Faces, The Small
Factory, C&C Music
Faith, Blind
Faith, Percy Faith, Percy
Faithfull, Marianne
Falcon, Billy Falcon, Billy
Family, Franklin Family, Franklin
Family, The Rankin Family, The Rankin
Farce, The Royal Canadian Air
Farnham, John John Farnham
Fax, Shadow
Fazal, Ruth Ruth Fazal
Fearing, Stephen
Fears, Tears For
Feat, Little Feat, Little
Feinstein, Michael
Feliciano, Jose Feliciano, Jose
Ferron Ferron
Ferry, Brian
Fidler, Jim
Fields, Gracie
Fighters, Foo
Finjan Finjan
Finnigan Finnigan
Fire, After the Fire, After The
Fire, Pilgrim Fire, Pilgrim
Fire, Earth, WInd & Fire, Earth Wind &
Fischer, LisaFischer, Lisa
Fist, Hanover Fist, Hanover
Fitzgerald, Ella Fitzgerald, Ella
Five, Hi- Five, Hi-
Fixx, The Fixx, The
Fjellgard, Gary
Fleetwoods, The
Flirtations, The Flirtations, The
Flowers, Hothouse
Floyd, Pink Floyd, Pink
Flynn, Jimmy & Friends Flynn, Jimmy & Friends
Fogerty, John Fogerty, John
Fogelberg, Dan Fogelberg, Dan
Fonda, Jane Fonda, Jane
Forces, Special Special Forces
Ford, Lita Ford, Lita
Paul, Les & Mary Paul, Les & Mary Ford
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Tennessee Ernie
Foreigner Foreigner
Forest, Deep Forest, Deep
Formby, George Formby, George
Forrester, Maureen Forrester, Maureen
Fifty Four 40
Fountain, Pete Fountain, Pete
Four, Mind Over Mind Over Four
Fortunes, The
Fox, Steve Steve Fox
Francis, Connie Francis, Connie
Franco, Ani
Franklin, Aretha Franklin, Aretha
French, Nicki French, Nicki
Freshmen The Four
Frickie, Janie Janie Frickie
Frizzell, David Frizzell, David
Fruvous, Moxie Moxie Fruvous
Funk, Grand
Funkdoobiest Funkdoobiest
Furs, Psychedelic Psychedelic Furs
G., Kenny G., Kenny
Gabriel, Peter Gabriel, Peter
Gagnon, Andre Gagnon, Andre
Gallant, Lennie Gallant, Lennie
Gallagher, Rory
Galway, James Galway, James
Gang, Kool & The Gang, Kool & The
Gang, Mitch Miller & The Gang, Mitch Miller And The
Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel, Art
Garfunkel, Simon & Garfunkel, Simon &
Garland, Judy Garland, Judy
Gass, Robert (And On Wings Of Song)
Gatlin, Larry (and The Larry Gatlin Band)
Gauthier, Claude
Gaye, Marvin Gaye, Marvin
Gayle, Crystal Crystal Gayle
Gees, Bee Gees, Bee
Genesis Genesis
Gentlemen, Perfect Gentlemen, Perfect
George, Jimmy George, Jimmy
George, Robin George, Robin
Gerome, Michel Gerome, Michel
Ghost, Frozen Ghost, Frozen
Gibson, Debbie Gibson, Debbie
Gill, Vince Vince Gill
Gillespie, Dizzy
Gilley, Mickey
Girl, Boy Meets Girl, Boy Meets
Girls, Indigo Girls, Indigo
Girls, Spice Girls, Spice
Girls, West End Girls, West End
Glass, Philip
Goldfinger Goldfinger
Go’s, Go Go’s, Go
Gore, Leslie Gore, Leslie
Gorman, Chris
Gosdin, Vern Gosdin, Vern
Goulet, Robert Goulet, Robert
Grace, Brenda
Graf, Lenny
Gramm, Leo
Grant, Amy Grant, Amy
Grant, Dwight (And the Connected)
Degrassi, Alex
Griffith, Nanci Griffith, Nanci
Group, The Fogo Island Accordion
Guardian Guardian
Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie, Arlo
Gyra, Spyro Gyra, Spyro
Hackett, Bobby Hackett, Bobby
Haddock, Dave Dave Haddock
Haggard, Merle Haggard, Merle
Halen, Van Halen, Van
Haley, Bill (& The Comets) Haley, Bill (& The Comets)
Halpern, Steven Halpern, Steven
Hammer, M.C. Hammer, M.C.
Hammond, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Marie-Lynn
Hancock, Herby
Happiness, The Pursuit of
Harbour, Tickle Harbour, Tickle
Hardy, Haygood Hardy, Hagood
Harris, Emmylou Harris, Emmylou
Harrison, George Harrison, George
Hart, Corey Hart, Corey
Hart, Michael
Harum, Procol
Harvesters, The The Harvesters
Haslam, Paul Haslam, Paul
Hassan, Chalf Hassan, Chalf
Hatfield, Juliana
Hats, Men Without Hats, Men Without
Haven, Rozea
Hawley, Jane Hawley, Jane
Hay, Lava Hay, Lava
Haymes, Dick Haymes, Dick
Haza, Ofra Haza, Ofra
Headhunters, The Kentucky Headhunters, The Kentucky
Heart Heart
Hedges, Hedges, Michael
Hedonists, Annie & The Hedonists
Hendrix, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimi
Henley, Don Henley, Don
Hiatt, John Hiatt, John
Hill, Dan Hill, Dan
Hill, Faith Hill, Faith
Hill, Lauryn Hill, Lauryn
Hillbillies, The Notting Hillbillies, The Notting
Himmelman, Peter Himmelman, Peter
Hip, Tragically Hip, Tragically
Hiphoprisy, The Disposable Heroes of
Hirt, Al Hirt, Al
Ho, Don
Holiday, Billie Holiday, Billie
Holliday, Jennifer Jennifer Holliday
Holly, Buddy Holly, Buddy
Holmes, Rupert
Hook, Dr. Hook, Dr.
Hooker, John Lee
Hoople, Mott the
Hooters Hooters
Horn, Paul Horn, Paul
Hornsby, Bruce Hornsby, Bruce
Horse, Crazy Horse, Crazy
Horta, Toninho Horta, Toninho
House, Crowded House, Crowded
Houston, Whitney Houston, Whitney
Hromek, Michal Hromek, Michal
Humperdinck, Engelbert Humperdinck, Engelbert
Hunter, Alberta Hunter, Alberta
Ice, Vanilla Ice, Vanilla
Idea, Big Big Idea
Idol, Billy Idol, Billy
Iglesias, Julio Iglesias, Julio
Inc., Lipps Inc., Lipps
Inconnu Inconnu
Inkspots, The Inkspots, The
Irvine, Andy Andy Irvine
Isaak, Chris Isaak, Chris
Issaluk, Anita
Ives, Burl Ives, Burl
Jackson, Alan Jackson, Alan
Jackson, Janet Jackson, Janet
Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Jermaine
Jackson, Joe Jackson, Joe
Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael
Jacksons, The Jacksons, The
Jagger, Mike Jagger, Mike
Jalbert, Laurence Laurence Jalbert
Jam, Cult (Lisa, Lisa and)
Jam, Pearl Jam, Pearl
James, Colin
James, Harry Harry James and His Orchestra
Janz, Paul Janz, Paul
Jayhawks, The Jayhawks, The
JazzInc., Souper
Jeoffrey, Aaron &
Jennings, Waylon Jennings, Waylon
Jeoffrey, Aaron & Jeoffrey, Aaron &
Jerome, Michael
Joe, Ugly Kid Joe, Ugly Kid
Joel, Billy Joel, Billy
John, Elton John, Elton
Jolson, Al Jolson, Al
Jones, Grace Jones, Grace
Jones, Howard Jones, Howard
Jones, Jack Jones, Jack
Jones, Michael
Jones, Nora
Jones, Quincy
Jones, Ricky Lee Jones, Ricky Lee
Jones, Tom Jones, Tom
Joplin, Janis Joplin, Janis
Joplin, Scott Joplin, Scott
Jovi, Bon Jovi, Bon
Joy, Greg Joy, Greg
Judd, Cledus “T.” Judd, Cledus “T.”
Judds, The Judds, The
Junkie, Cowboy Junkie, Cowboy
Justice, Lone Lone Justice
Kadison, Joshua Kadison, Joshua
Kaldor, Connie Kaldor, Connie
Kaempfert, Bert Bert Kaempfert
Kaldor, Connie
Kan, Kon Kan, Kon
Kaoma Kaoma
Kashtin Kashtin
Kathleen (see Kathleen Sergerie)
Kean, Sherry Kean, Sherry
Keelaghan, James Keelaghan, James
Keillor, Garrison Keillor, Garrison
Kelly, Dan & Sonya Kelly, Dan & Sonya
Kershaw, Nick Kershaw, Nick
Kershaw, Sammy
Khan, Chaka
Kimiko, Stacye & Kimiko, Stacye &
King, B.B. King, B.B.
King, Ben E.
King, Carole King, Carole
Kings, Gipsy Kings, Gipsy
Kings, The Radio
Kingsmen, The
Kinks, The Kinks, The
Kitaro Kitaro
Knechtel, Richard
KLF KLF, The (Kopyright Liberation Front)
Knight, Gladys and the Pips Knight, Gladys and the Pips
Korgis, The The Korgis
Korn Korn
Kostelanetz, Andre Kostelanetz, Andre
Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz, Lenny
Kristofferson, Kris Kristofferson, Kris
Kross, Kriss Kross, Kriss
K.W.S. K.W.S.
L.A., Just Another Band From
LaBelle, Patti LaBelle, Patti
Ladies, Bare Naked Ladies, Bare Naked
Lang, K.D. Lang, K.D.
Lanza, Mario
Larson, Nicolette
Last, James Last, James
Lauper, Cyndi Lauper, Cyndi
Laure, Carole Laure, Carole
Lavigne, Avril
Lavin, Christien Lavin, Christine
Lawn, The Lawn, The
Lee, Brenda Lee, Brenda
Lee, Robin Lee, Robin
Lennon, John Lennon, John
Lennon, John (& Yoko Ono)
Lennox, Annie Lennox, Annie
Leppard, Def Leppard, Def
Letourneau, Elise Elise Letourneau
Lettermen, The Lettermen, The
Level 42
Levia, Russell
Lewis, Donna Lewis, Donna
Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Tom Lewis, Tom
Liberace Liberace
Liebert, Ottmar
Lightfoot, Gordon Lightfoot, Gordon
Lindy Lindy
Lion, White Lion, White
Live Live
Loaf, Meat Loaf, Meat
Lobos, Los Lobos, Los
Lofgren, Nils
Loggins, Kenny Kenny Loggins
Logic, Animal Logic, Animal
Lohan, Sinead Lohan, Sinead
Lombardo, Guy Lombardo, Guy
Londonbeat Londonbeat
Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer
Lopez, Trini Lopez, Trini
Losier, Denis Losier, Denis
Love, Cult
Loveless, Patty Loveless, Patty
Luba Luba
Luz Luz
Lynda, David & David & Lynda
Lynn, Loretta Lynn, Loretta
Lynn, Vera Lynn, Vera
M, Bony M, Boney
Ma, Yo-Yo Ma, Yo-Yo
Mac, Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwood
MacAlpine MacAlpine
MacDonald, Paul MacDonald, Paul
Machine, My Sister Machine, My Sister’s
Machine, Miami Sound Machine, Miami Sound
Machine, Tin Machine, Tin
Macias, Enrico
MacIsaac, Ashley MacIsaac, Ashley
MacKay, Rhona
MacMaster, Natalie MacMaster, Natalie
MacNeils, The Barra MacNeils, The Barra
MacNeil, Rita MacNeil, Rita
MacPhee, Neil MacPhee, Neil
Madonna Madonna
Magoo, Kirk &
Mah, Nicholas Mah, Nicholas
Makeba, Miriam Makeba, Miriam
Mambaza, Ladysmith Black Mambaza, Ladysmith Black
Manchester, Melissa Manchester, Melissa
Mancini, Henry Mancini, Henry
Mandrell, Barbara Mandrell, Barbara
Maniacs, 10,000 Maniacs, 10,000
Manilow, Barry Barry Manilow
Mann, Manfred
Manring, Michael Manring, Michael
Mantle, Arlene Arlene Mantle
Marilyns, The Red
Marley, Bob (& The Wailers)
Marradi, Giovanni
Marks, Kenny Marks, Kenny
Marshall, Amanda Marshall, Amanda
Martin, Dean Martin, Dean
Martin, Marilyn
Martinez, Nancy Martinez, Nancy
Martino, Al
Mary, Peter Paul & Mary, Peter, Paul &
Mas, Carolynne
Mas, Jeanne Mas, Jeanne
Mason, Doris Mason, Doris
Mastermixers, Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers, Jive Bunny & The
Matchbox 20 Matchbox 20
Mathieu, W.A. Mathieu, W. A.
Mathis, Johnny Mathis, Johnny
Mattea, Kathy Mattea, Kathy
Mattress, Fat
Mavericks, The
Mayall, John
Mazurek, Zeke
MC, Young
McCarters, The McCarters, The
McCartney, Paul McCartney, Paul
McCarthy, Paul
McClear, Mary-Eileen McClear, Mary-Eileen
McCulloch, Ian Ian McCulloch
McDaniel, Gerry
McDermott, John McDermott, John
McEntire, Reba McEntire, Reba
McFerrin, Bobby
McGarrible, Kate & Anna Kate & Anna McGarrigle
McKeller, Kenneth McKeller, Kenneth
McKennitt, Loreena McKennitt, Loreena
McKenzie, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Bob and Doug
McLachlin, Sarah McLachlin, Sarah
McLaughlin, Murray McLaughlin, Murray
McLean, Don McLean, Don
McMahon, Charlie McMahon, Charlie
McMillan, Kevin McMillan, Kevin
Mechanics, Mike and The Mechanics, Mike & The
Medina, Carole Medina, Carole
Melanie (Melanie Anne Safka-Schekeryk)
Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp, John Cougar
Men, Boys II Boys II Men
Menard, Cathy (Jazz Quintet)
Mercer, Johnny
Merrymen, The Merrymen, The
Messer, Don (and His Islanders)Messer, Don (And his Islanders)
Mettalica Metallica
Metheny, Pat Metheny, Pat
Michael, George Michael, George
Michaels, Robert Michaels, Robert
Michel’le Michel’le
Midler, Bette Midler, Bette
Mike, Sarah &
Migenes-Johnson, Julie Migenes-Johnson, Julia
Milanes, Pablo
Miller, Cathy Miller, Cathy
Miller, Glenn (& His Orchestra)Miller, Glenn (& His Orchestra)
Miller, Mitch Miller, Mitch
Millistver, Tiiu
Mills, Frank Mills, Frank
Milsap, Ronnie
Minds, Simple Minds, Simple
Minnelli, Liza Minnelli, Liza
Minogue, Kylie Minogue, Kylie
Mission, The Mission, The
Mississippi, Pirates of the Mississippi, Pirates of the
Mister, Mr. Mister, Mr.
Mitchell, Guy
Mitchell, Joni Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Kim
Mitchell, Michael
Mob, Royal Crescent Mob, Royal Crescent
Mode, Depeche
Monkees, The Monkees, The
Monkeywalk Monkeywalk
Montecinos, Mauricio
Moore, Mae Moore, Mae
Morgan, Lorrie
Morricone, Ennio
Morin, Jean-Guy Morin, Jean-Guy
Morissette, Alanis Morissette, Alanis
Morris Altogether Morris, Altogether
Morrison, Jim (See The Doors)
Morrison, Van Morrison, Van
Motels, The Motels, The
Mouskouri, Nana Mouskouri, Nana
Moyet, Allison Moyet, Allison
Muir, Krista
Mulder, Salmond & Mulder, Salmond &
Munnik, Michael
Munsch, Robert
Murray, Anne Murray, Anne
Murray, Anne-Marie
Music, Roxy Music, Roxy
Myles, Alannah Myles, Alannah
Myriam, Marie
Nabors, Jim Nabors, Jim
Nagler, Eric
Nails, Nine Inch Nails, Nine Inch
Nails, The Nails, The
Napolitane, Canzone
N’Dour, Youssou
Nelson, Willie Nelson, Willie
Neville, Aaron Neville, Aaron
Newman, Troy
Newman, Jimmy C. Newman, Jimmy C.
Newman, Troy Newman, Troy
News, Huey Lewis and The News, Huey Lewis and the
News, Rhythm & News, Rhythm &
News, Rhythm &
Newton, Juice Newton, Juice
Newton-John, Olivia Newton-John, Olivia
Nicks, Stevie Nicks, Stevie
Night, Three Dog Night, Three Dog
Nirvana Nirvana
Norman, Patrick
Nova, Aldo Nova, Aldo
NSync NSync
Nugent, Ted
Nylons, The Nylons, The
O’Banion, John O’Banion, John
Ocean, Billy Ocean, Billy
Ochs, Phil
O’Connor, Sinead O’Connor, Sinead
Offspring Offspring
Oil, Midnight Oil, Midnight
OK-4 OK-4
Oldfield, Mike Oldfield, Mike
Oliver, Nelson Oliver, Nelson
Olivor, Jane Olivor, Jane
Opera, Boom Crash Opera, Boom Crash
Orbison, Roy Orbison, Roy
Orchestra, Black Light
Order, New Order, New
Osborne, Joan Osborne, Joan
Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Ozzy
O’Shea, Richie O’Shea, Richie
Oslin, K.T. Oslin, K.T.
Osmond, Donny Osmond, Donny
Osmond. Marie Marie Osmond
Outfield, The
Overboard, Deckchairs
Overdrive, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bachman-Turner (B.T.O.)
Oyster, Prairie Oyster, Prairie
Pacemakers, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Gerry & The
Page, Patti Page, Patti
Paige, Elaine Paige, Elaine
Palmer, Robert
Papas, The Mamas & The Papas, The Mamas & The
Paradis, Antonine Paradis, Antonine
Park, Citrus Citrus Park
Park, Graham (& The Shot)
Parr, John Parr, John
Parton, Dolly Parton, Dolly
Party, The Tea
Pasadenas, The Pasadenas, The
Pasero, Steve Pasero, Steve
Patterson,Frank Patterson, Frank
Pavarotti, Luciano Pavarotti, Luciano
Paycheck, Johnny
Payolas Payolas
Pelchat, Mario Pelchat, Mario
Pena, Omar Pena, Omar
Penner, Fred Penner, Fred
People, Alain Morisad and Sweet
People, Village People, Village
Peppers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Hot Chili
Perkins, Carl Perkins, Carl
Petty, Tom Petty, Tom
Phillips, Wilson Phillips, Wilson
Piaf, Edith
Piche, Paul Piche, Paul
Pikes, The Northern Pikes, The Northern
Pilots, Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Temple
Pioneers, Sons Of The Pioneers, The Sons Of
Pistols, Sex Pistols, Sex
Pitney, Gene Pitney, Gene
Pixies Pixies
Platters, The Platters, The
Playboys, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Gary Lewis and the
Pogues, The
Poison Poison
Police, The Police, The
Porter, Cole Porter, Cole
Preps, The Four
Presley, Elvis Presley, Elvis
Pretenders, The Pretenders, The
Price, Ray
Pride, Charley Pride, Charley
Priest, Judas
Priest, Maxi
Prince Prince
Prince, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh
Pringle, Peter Pringle, Peter
Proclaimers Proclaimers, The
Project, The Alan Parsons Project, The Alan Parsons
Project, The John Tesh Project, The John Tesh
Puckett, Gary (& The Union Gap) Puckett, Gary (& The Union Gap)
Pumpkins, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Smashing
Public, General
Purple, Deep Purple, Deep
Python, Monty Python, Monty
Quarterflash Quarterflash
Quartet, Branford Maralis Quartet, Branford Maralis
Quartet, The Yavir Vocal
Queen Queen
Quintet, Bell Jazz Quintet, Bell Jazz
Quintet, Cathy Menard Jazz Quintet, Cathy Menard Jazz
Rabbit, Eddie Rabbit, Eddie
Raffi Raffi
Raiders, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Paul Revere and the
Raitt, Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie
Ranger, Night
Ranks Shabba Ranks, Shabba
Razorbacks, The Razorbacks, The
Red, Simply Red, Simply
Redbone, Leon
Reddy, Helen Reddy, Helen
Reed, Jerry
Reed, Lou
Reeves, Jim Reeves, Jim
Reeves, Martha
Regan, Keray Regan, Keray
Reid, Paul
Relief, Chiefs of Chiefs of Relief
R.E.M. R.E.M.
Reno, Ginette Reno, Ginette
Report, The Kinsey Report, The Kinsey
Research, Naked Naked Research
Revival, Creedence Cleerwater Revival, Creedence Clearwater
Richards, Keith Richards, Keith
Rich, Buddy
Rich, Charlie
Richard, Cliff
Richard, Little
Richards, Keith
Richie, Lionel Richie, Lionel
Rider, Red Rider, Red
Riley, Tracy Riley, Tracy
Rimes, LeAnn Rimes, LeAnn
Rio, Diamond Rio, Diamond
Ritter, Tex
Rivard, Michel Rivard, Michel
Robbins, Marty
Roberts, Dyhan
Roberts, Juliet Roberts, Juliet
Robertson, Robbie
Robles, Marisa Robles, Marisa
Rock, Brighton Brighton Rock
Rockwell Rockwell
Rodeo, Blue Rodeo, Blue
Rodeo, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, Sweethearts of the
Rogers, Kenny Rogers, Kenny
Rogers, Stan Rogers, Stan
Ronstadt, Linda Ronstadt, Linda
Rose, Wild Rose, Wild
Roses, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Guns N’
Roses, Stone
Ross, Diana (& the Supremes) Ross, Diana (& The Supremes)
Roth, David Lee
Rovers, The Irish Rovers, The Irish
Rowland, Mike Rowland, Mike
Roxette Roxette
Royal, Billy Joe Royal, Billy Joe
Rush Rush
Rush, Jennifer Rush, Jennifer
Rush, Frank Marino and Mahogany
Rusty, Bec & Rusty, Bec &
Rutledge, Glen
Sade Sade
Sadler, Barry Sadler, Barry
Sagal, Katey
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Saints, All Saints, All
Saints, Young Young Saints
Salt-‘N’-Pepa Salt-‘N’-Pepa
Salter, Mickey
Salts, Verruca Salts, Verruca
Sanborn, David Sanborn, David
Sandford, Chas Chas Sandford
Sandpipers, The
Santana Santana
Satellites, Georgia Georgia Satellites
Satriani, Joe
Saunders, Wince
Savoie, Raymond Savoie, Raymond
Scaggs, Boz Scaggs, Boz
Scarem, Harem Scarem, Harem
Scene, Ocean Colour
Schneider, John
Scorpions Scorpions
Se, Sean O Se, Sean O
Sea, The Great Big Sea, The Great Big
Seal Seal
Searles, Richard Searles, Richard
Secada Jon Secada, Jon
Secrecy, Blanket of Secrecy, Blanket of
Sedaka, Neil Sedaka, Neil
Seeds, Blow Blow Seeds
Seeds, Wild Seeds, Wild
Seeger, Pete Seeger, Pete
Seekers, The Seekers, The
Segato, Lorraine Segato, Lorraine
Seger, Bob (and the Silver Bullet Band) Seger, Bob (And The Silver Bullet Band)
Seguin, Richard Seguin, Richard
Sell, Michelle with Kim Robertson and Carlos Reyes Sell, Micelle with Kim Robertson and Carlos Reyes
Sellers, Nick Sellers, Nick
Sensation, Sweet
Sergerie, Kathleen Sergerie, Kathleen
7, After 7, After
7, S Club (See Club,7)
Shadowland Shadowland
Shaffer, Paul Shaffer, Paul
Shangri-Las, The Shangri-Las, The
Shannon, Del Shannon, Del
Sharky, Feargal Sharkey, Feargal
Shaw, Artie
Shea, George Beverly Shea, George Beverly
Shearing, George Shearing, George
Sheesh Sheesh
Shelton, Ricky Van
Shirelles, The Shirelles, The
Shocked, Michelle
Shondells, TOmmy James and the Shondells, Tommy James And The
Shore, Dinah Shore, Dinah
Sorter, Wayne
Siberry, Jane Siberry, Jane
Silverstein, Shel
Simani Simani
Simmons, Al
Simon, Carly Simon, Carly
Simon, Paul Simon, Paul
Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, Frank
Singers, Whitefish Bay Singers, Whitefish Bay
Singers, Rock Creek Singers, Rock Creek
Singers, The Mike Sammes Singers, The Mike Sammes
Sirkis, Nikola
Sister, Twisted Sister, Twisted
Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, The Andrews
Sisters, The Bird Sisters, The Bird
Sisters, The Forester Sisters, The Forester
Sisters, The Pointer Sisters, Pointer
Sisters, The Wyrd Sisters, The Wyrd
Skaggs, Ricky Skaggs, Ricky
Skydiggers Skydiggers
Skynyrd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lynyrd
Slaughter Slaughter
Sleger, Jerry (see Jerry Sleger’s One Man Band)
Slugs, Doug & The Slugs, Doug & The
Small, Judy Small, Judy
Smith, Patti
Smith, Will Smith, Will
Smiths, The Smiths, The
Snow Snow
Snow, Hank
Snow, Phoebe Snow, Phoebe
Society, Dead Poets
Son, Seventh Seventh Son
Soul, De La
Sound, Capital Sound, Capitol
Spears, Britney Spears, Britney
Spears, Lee & Donna Beck MichaelSpears, Lee & Donna Beck Michael
Speedwagon, REO Speedwagon, REO
Spike Spike
Spirits, Prairie Spirits, Prairie
Spoonful, Lovin’ Spoonful, Lovin’
Spots, The Ink Spots, The Ink
Springfield, Buffalo
Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen, Bruce
St. Claire, Martien St. Claire, Martine
Spurlock, Ned
Standells, The
Stansfield, Lisa Stansfield, Lisa
Starr, Ringo Starr, Ringo
Starship Starship
Steamroller, Mannheim Steamroller, Mannheim
Steel, Men Of
Steeves, Larry Larry Steeves
Steppenwolf Steppenwolf
Stevens, Cat Stevens, Cat
Stevens, Ray Stevens, Ray
Stewart, Rod Stewart, Rod
Sting Sting
Stockwood, Kim Kim Stockwood
Stone, Doug
Stone, First
Stone, Joss
Stones, Rolling Stones, Rolling
Story, Liz Story, Liz
Straits, Dire Straits, Dire
Strap, Arab
Stratochiefs Stratochiefs, The
Strawberries, Wild Wild Strawberries
Strawbs Strawbs
Streisand, Barbra Streisand, Barbra
Strings, 101 Strings, 101
Stuart, Peter
Stubbert, Sandy & Mary-Ellen Anderson Stubbert, Sandy & Mary-Ellen Anderson
Styx Styx
Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Honeymoon
Summer, Donna Summer, Donna
Supertramp Supertramp
Supply, Air Supply, Air
Supremes, Diana ROss & Supremes, Diana Ross & the See also Ross, Diana (& The Supremes)
Swagmen, The Swagmen, The
Sweeney, Andrew Andrew Sweeney
Sweet, Matthew
Sylvia, Mickey &
Tagg, Bourgeois Tagg, Bourgeois
Talbot, John Michael John Michael Talbot
Talk, Talk
Tamblyn, Ian Tamblyn, Ian
Tauber, Richard Tauber, Richard
Taylor, James
Taylor, Livingston
Temptations, The
Tennile, Captain & Tennile, Captain &
Tenors, The Irish
Textones, The Textones, The
That, Take That, Take
Them Them
Thibodeaux, Waylon
Thing, The Next Best
Think, Shudder To Think, Shudder To
Thomas, B.J. Thomas, B.J.
Thompson, Sue
Throbs, The Throbs, The
Tiffany Tiffany
Tiger, Glass Tiger, Glass
Tight, Stogger Tight, Stogger
Tikaram, Tanita Tikaram,Tanita
Tillis, Pam Tillis, Pam
Timbuk3 Timbuk3
Tippen, Aaron Tippen, Aaron
Top, ZZ Top, ZZ
Tops, Four Tops, Four
Torff, Brian Torff, Brian
Toronto Toronto
Toupin, Le Trio Richard
Townshend, Pete (& Ronnie Lane)
Transfer, The Manhattan Transfer, The Manhattan
Travis, Randy Travis, Randy
Tree-o, The Leslie Spit Tree-o, The Leslie Spit
Tremblay, Lucy Blue Tremblay, Lucy Blue
Trick, Cheap Trick, Cheap
Trio, Holly Cole Trio, Holly Cole
Trio, Bob Mover Trio, Bob Mover
Trio, The Kingston Trio, The Kingston
Trio, The Richard Toupin Trio, The Richard Toupin
Triphoria Triphoria
Triumph Triumph
Trooper Trooper
Tubb, Ernest Tubb, Ernest
Tucker, Tanya Tucker, Tanya
Tufts, Terry Tufts, Terry
Tull, Jethro Tull, Jethro
Turlututu Turlututu
Turner, Tina Turner, Tina
Turner, Ike & Tina
Twain, Shania Twain, Shania
Twins, Thompson Twins, Thompson
Twitty, Conway Twitty, Conway
Tyler, Bonnie Tyler, Bonnie
Tyson, Ian Tyson, Ian
Tyson, Sylvia Tyson, Sylvia
U2 U2
UB 40 UB 40
Utopia Utopia
V., The Adventures of Stevie
Val, Rick and Val, Rick and
Valen, Richard
Vandross, Luther
Vanilli, Milli Vanilli, Milli
Vannelli, Gino
Vasik, Cassandra Vasik, Cassandra
Vaughn, Stevie Ray (and Double Trouble) Vaughn, Stevie Ray (And Double Trouble)
Vaughn, Sara
Vega, Suzanne Vega, Suzanne
Ventures, The Ventures, The
Vera, Billy (& The Beaters)
Vibrations, Soul
Vinnick, Suzie Vinnick, Suzie
Vinton, Bobby Vinton, Bobby
Voisine, Roch Voisine, Roch
Vollenweider, Andreas
Wade, Norton Wade, Norton
Wagner, Jack
Wailers, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Bob Marley & The
Waite, John Waite, John
Waits, Tom
Wakely, Jimmy
Walker, Kelly Walker, Kelly
Wallflowers, The Wallflowers, The
Walls, Broken Walls, Broken
Warnes, Jennifer
Warnke, Mike
Warwick, Dionne Warwick, Dionne
Washes, The
Washington, Grover Jr.Washington, Grover Jr.
Wasisname, Buddy & The Other Fellars Wasisname, Buddy & the Other Fellars
Watchmen, the Watchmen, The
Water, Fish Out Of
Waterboys, TheWaterboys, The
Waxies, The Waxies, The
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Andrew Lloyd Webber
Webster, Max
Welk, Lawrence Welk, Lawrence
West, Go
Westerns, Toasted Westerns, Toasted
Wet, Wet, Wet Wet, Wet, Wet
Wham! Wham
Wheatley, Katherine Katherine Wheatley
Wheels, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit
White, Peggy
Whitesnake Whitesnake
Whittaker, Roger Whittaker, Roger
Who, The Guess Who, The Guess
Who, The Who, The
Wilburys, the Traveling Wilburys, The Traveling
Wilde, Kim
Wilkinson, Colm
Williams, Andy Williams, Andy
Williams, Anna S.
Williams, Don
Williams, Hank
Williams, Robin Williams, Robin
Williams, Roger
Williams, Vanessa Williams, Vanessa
Willie, Boxcar Willie, Boxcar
Winchester, Jessie
Wind, Three Sheets to the Wind, Three Sheets To The
Wine, April Wine, April
Winwood, Steve Winwood, Steve
Wolf, Peter Wolf, Peter
Womack, Lee Ann Womack, Lee Ann
Wonder, Stevie Wonder, Stevie
Woodentops Woodentops
Work, Men At Work, Men At
Works, Heart Works, Heart
Wrath, Grapes Of Wrath, Grapes of
Wright, Danny Wright, Danny
Wright, Michelle Wright, Michelle
Wynette, Tammy Wynette, Tammy
Yankovic, Wierd Al Yankovic, “Wierd Al”
Yanni Yanni
Yardbirds, The Yardbirds, The
Yaz Yaz
Yoachim, Dwight Yoachim, Dwight
Young, Crosby, Stiles, Nash & Young, Crosby, Stiles Nash &
Young, Loretta (& Gregory Peck)
Young Neil Young, Neil
Young, Paul Young, Paul
Zamfir, Gheorges Zamfir, Gheorges
Zapp Zapp
Zappa, Frank Zappa, Frank
Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin, Led
Zone, Delta Zone, Delta