Ron at NABShow, Las Vegas, NV

While Graeme started off the week at the NABshow, I headed off into the surrounding mountains to look for some insects and birds to photograph. Found myself a snow storm instead (photos to follow when back at my desk). The next day we decided that a trip to Death Valley might be a fun thing to do, so off we went. The wind was blowing hard enough that Graeme found himself in the center of a mini-sandstorm at the Death Valley sand dunes (his photos will follow when he’s back at his desk). With all of these potential photo files to store, it was off to the Drobo exhibit and a lively discussion of their storage options. Lots of other things to see so it will be a busy few hours.

image image

After discussing storage solutions, I was off to other sections of the huge convention area. As we were passing the Hoodman booth, I remembered that I had a question about a Hoodman eye cup that I currently use. They suggested a different model of eye cup to better accommodate my eye glasses. Gave it a try. Seems to be work better than the older model. image Next stop was a booth to discover some of the options for arial photography and then another booth, and then another. So many black boxes! image While I have been looking at the “still” camera world, Graeme has been busying himself with the “video” world of Red and Black Magic themes. Last spotted him talking about Australian filming options. image One of the suppliers suggested that the Canadian Suite at the Flamingo Casino would make a nice finish to the NAB day so Graeme joined the Black Magic folks while I visited the Canadian Suite. image image


Tech info – Photos in this blog were taken with an iPad and available light – no post processing other than sizing.

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