Kanata Badminton Club – AGM – 2013

The Kanata Badminton Club operates in Kanata, Ontario. (Club website)

The club is a volunteer-run recreational badminton club which utilizes the gymnasiums in three Kanata schools to provide members with a place to play badminton up to five nights a week during the winter months.  Each Spring,  as another season draws to a close, one night is reserved for food, speeches, prizes and award presentation and the election of next year’s executive.  This year was no different except that I was lucky and happy to win the door prize of a free membership for 2014!

This year’s AGM was held at Tommy’s Restaurant and, since we have used this facility for the meeting before, some of the members arrived bright and early to claim their favorite seats (closer to the kitchen :-)). In fact, I was a bit lucky to find a seat at all!

RON_0583-Badminton-AGM  RON_0593-Badminton-AGM RON_0591-Badminton-AGM RON_0585-Badminton-AGM


Since it is the AGM, there are the usual speeches outlining what has happened in the past year and providing an update on any new things that might be coming in the following year. At one time, I was the club’s Treasurer but in more recent year’s Alex has done that job admirably year after year and enjoys telling members that the club has enough money in the bank to buy more new birds (shuttles) for next year’s season.

RON_0592-Badminton-AGM RON_0598--Badminton-AGM

With an Ottawa Senators game playing on a TV in the background and the Senators hoping to clinch a spot in the playoffs, it was sometimes a bit tough to get everyone’s attention but Kevin had no problem getting attention as he presented the prizes for the winners of the two club tournaments held during the year.

RON_0599-Badminton-AGMRON_0601-Badminton-AGM RON_0603--Badminton-AGM RON_0604--Badminton-AGM

RON_0606-Badminton-AGM RON_0607-Badminton-AGM RON_0609-Badminton-AGM

Then it was the presentation of a service award and then Kevin, with a bit of prompting from the sidelines, mixed the tickets up a a few more times before drawing for the many door prizes.

RON_0610-Badminton-AGM RON_0611--Badminton-AGM

Each year, the number and nature of the door prizes changes, and this year, through his affiliation with Victor Racquets, Kevin was able help supply colourful Victor themed t-shirts and socks to add to the mix of available prizes. The 2012 -2013 season was a good one and, with a bit of luck and good planning, I hope to enjoy playing next year’s all of the clubs 100+ members whether they be the youngest at 16 y.o. or the slightly older members in their 70’s. And, hopefully, next year’s executive will have plenty of time to play, too!


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