New England Trip 2012 – Day 4 – Wilmington, VT

New England Trip 2012 – Day 4 – Wilmington, VT

The weather was beautiful as we left Bennington and traveled along Vermont Route #9 also known as the Molly Stark Trail.

One of the nice things about traveling in the month of October is that many of the small towns of the New England states are hard at work decorating their streets for Hallowe’en and celebration of the Fall harvest season. Wilmington, Vermont was no exception.

Wilminton, VT is a small tourist town in southern Vermont. Although small, it offers all of the amenities that a tourist might desire with sufficient variety of small country stores to keep the tourist shopper occupied for a while, at least.

There was a display of quilts in the Memorial Hall and I lost 🙂 my wife in there for a while.  Once she was emerged from among the quilts, we were off again along Vermont Route #9 in the direction of Brattleboro.

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