New England Trip 2012 – Day 4 – Brattleboro VT

New England Trip 2012 – Day 4 – Brattleboro VT

After visiting the Creamery wooden covered bridge, we headed into downtown Brattleboro VT to find something to eat.  The colorful Autumn leaves were all around us and there was plenty to photograph.  What was surprising though, was that there were very few restaurants open along the main street of town. A number of them were “under construction” or “opening soon” but an equal number appeared to be closed for the season or closed for good.

We continued to walk along the street until I noticed a restaurant sign far off in the distance down by the river. Turns out it was a restaurant that had recently come under new ownership and was now open for business so off we walked along Whetstone Brook and across the railway tracks to a restaurant overlooking the Connecticut River.

We ended up at the Whetstone Station restaurant.  The weather was beautiful and we hoped to sit outside on the deck but all the spots were taken. I was most impressed though when one of the staff members suggested an inside table with an excellent view and another staff member offered to escort me to the roof top area so that I could get some nice images from a better vantage point. Not often that carrying a camera into a restaurant gets that kind of response.

As I was watching out the window, I could see a small red boat approaching from further up the river. As it approached, I was happy to be on the outside rooftop area.  Turned out that it was not only red, but also rather unique and gave me a toot on its steam whistle as it passed by my location.

After a nice meal, we headed back to our car in a parking lot part way up a hill. I decided that there was a short cut but like most short cuts it wasn’t all that short but we did get to see some different aspects of the town of Brattleboro VT.

We eventually got back to our car and headed further south on the Christopher Columbus Highway (Route 91) into Connecticut.



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