Autumn Blossoms – Agriculture Experimental Farm – Ottawa, Ontario

Autumn Blossoms – Agriculture Experimental Farm – Ottawa, Ontario

I carry my camera with me most of the time and often stop at a location for just a few minutes to stretch my legs a bit and to snap a few shots. This was the case when I stopped at the flower gardens near the Canada Agriculture Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. (Location). To get there from the Carleton University butterfly exhibit, I had decided to take the Queen Elizabeth Drive route only to find that the road was blocked off for a some fund-raising event.  It was only supposed to be closed for a few more minutes so I got out of my car and walked around photographing the many colours of Autumn.

The few minutes passed by quickly with camera in hand, but I soon grew impatient and, rather than barking at the volunteer who had the road blocked off, I decided to get back into my car and take a different route over to the Agriculture Experimental Farm.

It was a hot dry, summer this year but some heavy rains late in the season helped to bring out some of the late blooming flowers so there was plenty of colour for me to find at the flower gardens.

Roses were struggling to still look good and there were a few that hadn’t finished their blooming period yet.

The bed of zinnias offered up a bouquet of colours while the ornamental grasses provided some nice softening to the fringes of the beds.

Brown-eyed Susans and miniature sunflowers provided a splash of yellows and golds and the bees provided a bit of entertainment.

Whether single blossoms or the multiple stemmed flowers of the beds, all were interesting to photograph but, for my blog followers, I once again saved the fire hydrant until last :-).


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