Visiting Belgium 2012

Visiting Belgium 2012

Belgium would be our fourth and last country to visit on this trip. We had begun the trip in Copenhagen, Denmark, taken a one-day side-trip across the bridge into Sweden, then traveled to the Netherlands where we visited Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Now after a short train trip from Rotterdam we were staying for a few days in Brugge, Belgium before visiting Ghent and flying home from Bruxelles.

During our visit to Brugge, we found it to be the most crowded place that we have visited on this vacation. Tourists were everywhere! Of course, we are tourists too and added to the crowd but we don’t like crowds :-).

Besides checking out a Choco-story (the history of chocolate), a fries museum (the history of those starchy fries), and a lamp museum (Lumena Museum), we also took a bit of time to walk around Brugge and look at the architecture while we planned on what buildings we would like to enter later in the week.


Lumena Museum (stone lamps)

Friet Museum

Brugge Belfry

Photos and additional information about our further exploration of Brugge, our day trip to Ghent and our time in Bruxelles will be added once we return to Canada.



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