Carlsberg Brewery – Copenhagen

Carlsberg Brewery – Copenhagen

After a rather long walk away from the city center of Copenhagen (I’d suggest a Metro in hind-sight), we arrived at the Carlsberg Brewery.

There are several structures around the brewery and two main entrances, one which is shown above and the other know as the elephant gate.

The elephants are quite neat and guard the entrance and have various symbols of the company from the time they were created. Now you might jump back a bit…

However the Swastika symbol was the beer’s logo 1881 to 1940-45 and the symbol itself originally meant “That which is good”. This original meaning got lost or corrupted in the period of the Nazi regime and  World War II.  This is why Carlsberg actually changed it logo to what we see today (far right of the photo below).

The brewery has played an important role in the history of Copenhagen. The Carslberg name has its origins in the name of the brewery’s founder, Carl Jacobsen, who discovered how to cultivate a specific strain of yeast important in the brewing of beer..

When we visited the Brewery we had the opportunity to try some beer. What brewery in the world wouldn’t want you to try their beer?.

Also the brewery has its own Mermaid. Just another Copenhagen tradition it seems… If interested in seeing other mermaids in Denmark see our blog entry: Mermaids of Denmark.

The brewery was built in sections with notable differences as technology improvements were introduced and as the amount of production increased.

They also have the Guiness Book of World Record for their collection of different beer bottles. At present, they have 16,723 on display for visitors from their total collection which numbers over 23,000.

There is a lot of neat stuff to find around the grounds, from old lookout towers to more modern tree climbing zones.

Oh, and we did finally find a map of the brewery grounds… just as we were leaving. The tour is self-guided so if we had found the map first it might have led us in different directions but fun to just explore.

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