Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site

Battle of the Windmill National Historic Site (Location)

In the Battle of the Windmill, individuals who had eventually fled to the United States following rebel defeat at the Montgomery’s Tavern skirmish in Toronto, joined with members of the Hunter’s Lodges, an American group determined to overthrow British rule in Canada, and ‘attacked’ and ‘captured’ the stone mill and affiliated buildings at this location a short distance downstream from the village of Prescott.  The rebels expected support from the locals but got none. After a number of days of armed conflict in the neighborhood of the mill and the eventual arrival of heavier British artillery, the rebels surrendered.

The rebels arrived on November 12, 1838 and surrendered on November 16th, 1838 and so, for all intents and purposes, the Upper Canada Rebellion and the Lower Canada Rebellion ended at this 5 day event now remembered as the Battle of the Windmill.




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