Woolrich, PA

Woolrich, PA

May 4, 2012: There are a few places in Pennsylvania where the community is named after the main employer.  One of them is Hershey PA famous for chocolate products.  Another is Woolrich PA famous for its woolen clothing. Given my choice of chocolate versus woolen clothing, I would normally choose chocolate so that is how my wife and I ended up at the outlet store in Woolrich PA :-).

The store is much larger than it appears from the front door.  While we were looking around at things to buy, there was a storm moving up the valley north of our location and the thunder sounded like a cavalcade of heavy trucks rolling by on the roof. Luckily we didn’t get hit by the rain.  I had left the Subaru moon roof open!


While my wife continued to browse through the offerings inside the building, I kept myself busy trying to photograph a small chipmunk that had scurried under the rocks surround a fountain in front of the building.  The chipmunk won the game of hide and seek on this occasion. but I got a rock shot and another fire hydrant shot for my efforts :-).

At one time, most of the Wooldrich items were manufactured in Woolrich but products now are sourced from an wide array of international manufacturing locations.

After a short trip around the town, we headed back out the tree-lined main street and headed to the nearest shopping center (Walmart) in a nearby town.

While we were in the Walmart, the rain came down and soaked everything including the Amish horse and carriage tied up at the edge of the parking lot.

Interesting to see. Perhaps horses and carriages will make a revival if gas prices continue to rise.

Following a nice meal at Ruby Tuesday’s we headed back to the campground to see what the rain storm had done to the campground.  Thankfully, our tent was still where we had left it 🙂



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