OVAS Monthly meeting – Feb/2012

OVAS Monthly meeting – Feb/2012

Well, I survived 🙂

Last night, I was guest speaker for the monthly meeting of the Ottawa Valley Aquarium Society (OVAS). The topic was photography with a format of a twenty minute review of technical terms and things to think about, followed by a opportunity for those who had brought their cameras to do a bit of experimenting. With the lights dimmed, the spotlight was on the small tanks set up for the event. On one table there were a few static items out of water (Driftwood), on another table a couple of tanks with some fast small fish (Danios), and on other tables more tanks containing some plants and a somewhat slower Betta.

I also added a 150 slide PowerPoint slide show of various public aquariums that I have visited. I had planned to use the Center’s screen for my talk and use my own screen for the slide show. As it turned out, the Center’s screen went missing so it was a good thing that I had brought along mine.

For information about the various public aquariums that I featured in the slide program, click on the (Aquarium Website Link) and for viewing of the many photos that I have posted relating to my visits to those aquariums click on the (Blog Entry) links. Some of the public aquariums in the slide presentation were:
The Tennessee Aquarium – Chattanooga, Tennessee (Aquarium website link) (blog entry)
The Vancouver Aquarium – Vancouver, B.C. (Aquarium website link) (Blog entry)
The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas – New Orleans, Louisiana (Aquarium website link) (Blog entry)
The Port Dor̩e Aquarium РParis, France (Aquarium website link) (blog entry)
The Quebec Aquarium (Aquarium du Qu̩bec) РSainte-Foy, Quebec City, Qu̩bec (Aquarium website link) (blog entry)
The Mandalay Bay Casino Aquarium – Las Vegas (Aquarium website link) (blog entry)
Marine Science Center – Ponce Inlet, Florida (Aquarium website link) (blog entry)

In addition to keeping the slide show going and answering questions, Graeme also had time to take a few shots with his iPhone while I was doing my presentation.

I didn’t take any meaningful pictures since I was there to answer, or to try to answer, questions about cameras of any vintage and style and I was certainly kept busy doing that. I did have time to take one picture with the lens cap on though and it was a perfect exposure :-).

During the presentation, I mentioned that I was using a 3rd party remote trigger. The ones that Graeme and I use can be obtained through LinkDelight: LinkDelight on EBay:.

Others have asked me if I might be adding the information from my presentation to the tutorial section of our website. I’ve been asked that before but it’s one of the items on my “to do” list but I’m not certain how long that might take. Hopefully, I’ll find time before tax season keeps me occupied because after tax season I head out onto the trails with my camera again and leave my to do list behind :-). A snail’s pace might apply in this instance.

The next OVAS event is their Annual GIANT AUCTION on March 4th, 2012. Most years I volunteer to sell raffle tickets at OVAS GIANT AUCTION but never seem to win any of the door prizes!!! Too busy selling the tickets that I usually forget to buy any for myself. :-).





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