Broken Strings and Bad Weather!

Broken Strings and Bad Weather!

The weather outside was rather nasty today but last night I had broken a string on my Yonex Nanospeed 7700 badminton racquet and decided that I would head over to see Mark at Sports Experts at Bayshore Mall and have him restring my racquet. When you break a string in a racquet, the advice is to cut the other strings so that uneven tension on the frame doesn’t warp the frame.  The last time that I broke a string, I had nothing better to do at the gym while waiting for my next game so I sat there taking all of the strings out of the racquet.  When I arrived at the repair shop, they asked me what type of string I had and, of course, there were no strings in the racquet. This time, I remembered to leave some strings in the racquet so that I wouldn’t have to rely solely on my memory! :-).

Overnight, we had had a combination of snow and freezing rain and it was continuing to snow when I left the house.

Getting out onto the road would be easy with my AWD Subaru Forester once I scrapped the ice off of my windows.

Traffic on the Queensway (Hwy 417) wasn’t too bad and I got to the Mall without incident.

Since the Sports Expert store in on the top level, I normally park on the top level. Today there weren’t many cars on this level. Maybe it had something to do with the weather! 🙂

Down at street level, the salt was doing its job and melting the snow and ice but it certainly made cars dirty.

After visiting my father in the hospital I came back out to the parking lot and couldn’t resist photographing the car in front of my Subaru. I am certain that the owner of the car would not be happy to have to come out at the end of a day in the hospital and have to get all of that snow and ice off of his car.

The NHL All Star game and festivities are taking place in Ottawa this weekend and I’m sure that the organizers would have preferred slightly better weather conditions for the events.


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