Creative Moment – Phosphorescent Painting

52 Creative – Week 4

Last Week I went and picked up a tube of Tri-Art Phosphorescent Paint to try a different kind of “Light Painting”. The plan was to use light and the phosphorescent paint to ‘paint’ various images on the canvas, in order to continually have a new picture each night.

However; Overall the experiment was interesting but the results were less than stellar. I found that the paint needed significant amount of energizing (not sure if that’s the right word) using my high powered lights to stay bright and dimmed significantly as I ‘painted’ that only very simple drawings could be done. In addition I was getting a lot of bleed on the page which also helped to wash out detail in a complicated image. So although a neat experiment, I think that is just that an experiment; rather than a new art-form for which I can expand its uses.

The final result (with some photo-shopping to pull out the brightness).

I call it “Castle with a Dangerous Pet”

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