Maya at ROM, Toronto, Ontario

Mayan Exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ontario

When we were in Toronto over the Boxing Week period, we noticed that the Royal Ontario Museum had a Mayan exhibit featured. Bot my wife and I have an interest in Mayan culture so we hopped on the convenient Toronto subway and were at the Museum in only a few minutes. There were large flakes of snow falling when we left from the subway station and walked the short walk to the front entrance of the Museum. The bike posts around the Museum are each unique but this particular day there were not too many bicyclists out and about.

There is plenty of interesting architecture to look at in the area of the Royal Ontario Museum (location) and may of the buildings are affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Lilian Massey Building, Centre For Medieval Studies

Our interest, was inside the Museum so we dutifully lined up for our tickets and joined the throngs of people heading for the Mayan exhibit. With camera in hand, I was hopeful but those hopes were dashed as soon as I saw the sign by the entrance to the exhibit – NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED.

Oh well, had a good time looking at the exhibits anyway 🙂

For those who have an interest in Mayan ruins, consider taking a peek at two of our blog entries – one focused on Chichen-Itza and the other focused on Coba. Both of these sites became prominent towards the end of the Mayan period, so, as it turns out, there was very little overlap between the Mayan sites that were the focus of the ROM exhibit and the Mayan sites that I had visited.

El Castillo at Chichen-Itza

The Ballcourt at Coba

After visiting the Mayan exhibit, we enjoyed a bit of music in the foyer of the Museum before heading off to see some other exhibits of interest to us.

For more information on what might be happening at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) click here to access their website directly: Royal Ontario Museum website

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