Winter Wonderland 2011

Winter Wonderland 2011

Winter weather has hit many parts of North America (including New York City) long before November 23rd, 2011 but for us here in Ottawa, November 23rd was the first real day of snowfall. Above freezing temperatures are forecast for the next few days along with rainfall forecast for the Grey Cup Weekend so this collection of white stuff will likely only be around for a few days.

When I looked out the window and saw all of the snow on the streets and the snow on the car, I thought how wonderful it would be to just sit back and stay inside and listen to another cassette from my music collection. Alas, that would not be the situation since I had to pick up my father and take him to a medical appointment at the nearby hospital. Normally a fairly short travel time when roads are clear, today’s trip was a bit more daunting as vehicles were slip sliding all over the place.

So, after listening to sounds of frogs, birds and grunting alligators for a bit, I donned my boots and headed out onto the roads to join in the slip sliding process of getting from point A to point B on the first snow-day of the winter season. I had had my snow tires installed early this year so was well prepared for navigating slippery roads. Others were not as well prepared! Thankfully the salt crews and snow plows had been out doing their thing to lessen the traffic problems but roads were still snow covered in the less traveled residential side streets.

I got to Stonehaven Manor where my 93 y.o. father resides and then it was off on the second leg of the trip. ALong the way we had to slow down for traffic getting around an OC Transpo bus that was half in the ditch and half on the road. Once we got past that delay it was relatively clear sailing to the hopsital where I got the joy of spending most of the next 10 hours.

My father’s day surgery went well but spending 10 hours in the hospital for any occasion is not the best way to spend the day.

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