The Rock Sculptures of Remic Rapids

The Rock Sculptures of Remic Rapids
Our last post of the Remic Rapids sculptures was Graeme’s video of the drummers and fire dancers who were performing there during his last visit to the rapids. Today, I had a business meeting in downtown Ottawa and decided to stop at Remic Rapids on the way home. I hadn’t really thought about the temperature when I left home so found the 4C temperatures with wind gusts of about 30kph coming at me from across the water a rather invigorating experience since I was only wearing a light summer weight coat with no sweater or suit jacket underneath. Not bad when the sun was out but certainly approaching cool when the sun went behind the clouds.

The sculptures are a series of rocks of different sizes and shapes balanced atop one another with only rock chips used to keep them in their place.

It won’t be long before all the leaves have fallen from the trees and ice will begin to form over the Ottawa River.

Until then, many people will continue to visit the Remic Rapids area to take a last look at this year’s collection of natural rock sculptures and get that one perfect picture of the sculptures, the river and the sunset.

For me, heading back to the warmth of my car was a slightly higher priority than the sunset so off I went leaving a perfect sunset photo for another day or another year and left behind just one photographer and his tripod (dressed much more warmly than I was :-)).

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  1. Neeroc says:

    Wow what a difference in the water levels, during the WW photowalk that ‘twin towers’ sculpture was high and dry. And your description has me shivering, I’m not sure I’d be able to take a clear picture (I’m so not looking forward to winter)

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