Searching for Deer on the Old Quarry Trail, Kanata, Ontario

Searching for Deer on the Old Quarry Trail, Kanata, Ontario

Searching is probably not the best word since finding deer along the Old Quarry Trail is almost a certainty on most days. I’ve seen as many as thirty (30) White-Tailed Deer in the surrounding fields some evenings but still enjoy going along the trail looking for a few more does to photograph or the somewhat more elusive bucks. I had started out with the chickadees at the Sarsparilla Trail and then, as it was getting closer to dusk, I headed over to the Old Quarry Trail.

It wasn’t long before I located a small group of three does and one young buck. One of the does was brave enough to come over to where I was standing and take some sunflower seeds from my hand. I normally carry a carrot or two for such occasions but today I was only carrying sunflower seeds.

Over the years, the deer along the Old Quarry Trail have been well fed by visitors and at one location, a short distance off of the main trail, there is a feed box where copious quantities are sometimes left for the deer. Today a ten point buck was at the feeding station enjoying an evening meal.

The sun was down fairly low in the sky so, after taking a few more shots of the deer in the area, I headed home. It had been a good couple of hours out with the woodland creatures and nothing attacked me or fell on me :-).

Beware, porcupine sleeping overhead!

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