Sarsaparilla Trail and the Chickadees (again :-))

Sarsaparilla Trail and the Chickadees (again :-))
It was a perfect Fall day with temperatures above freezing, a beautiful blue sky overhead and little or no wind so I took a few minutes away from the computer to go out on the Sarsaparilla Trail in Ottawa’s National Capital Commission Greenbelt. The parking lot was full. That is always a good indication that the birds will be well fed as families and individuals stop at various locations along the trail to offer up a handful of seeds for the accommodating Chickadees.

Although there are a number of trails where the Chickadees will come readily to feed directly from a person’s hand, I find that the Sarsaparilla trail is the trail where the Chickadees are the most predictable. On this trail, the Chickadees are often joined by both red-breasted and white-breasted nuthatches. Today was no exceptions as both chickadees and nuthatches were feeding freely from outstretched hands.

Any seed that was left behind was readily eaten by the many other forest creatures that dropped by for a snack or two.

Once again today, there were Mallards paddling around in the beaver pond and enjoying any corn that might be thrown their way.

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