Craft Sales season has begun!

Craft Sales season has begun!

With Hallowe’en out of the way it is now time to turn one’s mind to the next season of gift giving. Whether called Christmas, Xmas, Santa Claus time, or whatever, the period around December 25th is one of the busiest seasons for entertainment and gift giving in North America for sure so it is no surprise that craft sales sprout from everywhere beginning in the month of November. With offerings of home preserves to hand-knitted baby booties to everything in between, the seasonal craft sales are every bit as interesting as the farmer’s markets in the summer months. Saturday, I took the time to take a quick look around the many tables of items on display at the craft sale at Kanata’s Stonehaven Manor where my father resides. Didn’t buy anything but did enjoy looking!

I had donated one of my fun penguin photos taken at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY to the raffle table and was happy to learn later that one of the residents had been the happy winner.

For my father’s part, he decided that at the age of 93 he really didn’t need anything from the craft tables so he and I and Graeme headed out for a drive to enjoy the weather while there was still no snow on the ground.

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