Day 2 – Carleton University’s Annual Butterfly Show, October 1-10, 2011

Day 2 – Carleton University’s Annual Butterfly Show, October 1-10, 2011

I dropped by Carleton University’s Nesbitt Building greenhouses late on Sunday afternoon. This blog relates to what I saw and photographed on Sunday.  For more info about the show, times, directions, etc. see my earlier blog entry.

The doors close each day at 4PM and there were still a few visitors in the greenhouse when I arrived. A large Owl Butterfly was entertaining a young girl as her father tried to capture that one last photo before leaving.

It was the end of only the second day of Carleton’s Annual ten day Butterfly Show but for Ed Bruggink, Jim Des Rivieres, Rick Cavasin and others who had volunteered their time to set up each morning, answer questions all day, keep the line moving along in an orderly fashion, and then clean up each evening, it probably felt like it had been a long, long weekend. Two days were over but already thousands of visitors had lined up from early morning each day to catch a glimpse of the many species of exotic butterflies fluttering about in the greenhouses.

For the butterflies, it was time to settle down for the evening, sip a last bit of juice from an orange and find a spot to hang out for their night-time rest.

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