Saturday night РGatineau, Quebec Balloon Festival/Festival de Montgolfi̬res de Gatineau 2011

When I left home Saturday, it looked like it might be a perfect night for a balloon launch at the Gatineau Balloon Festival (See my previous post for more Festival details) but, as it turned out, I guess that the organizers had concerns about the weather that I, as a spectator, couldn’t see, so, in the end, I photographed a few things but no balloons lifted off.
There were quite a few people lined up along the Rockliffe Parkway on the Ottawa side of the river and at least one individual had brought along his tripod and heavy artillery LOL.

The scheduled lift-off time was 6PM and as the large dinosaur was inflated and towered over the site, we were hopeful that a launch would take place but, as the sun got ever closer to the horizon and the Gatineau Hills in the background, those hopes diminished.

When the Dinosaur began to sag, it didn’t look good for a lift-off and, in the end, the spectators on the Ottawa side of the river began to head home as the setting sun ducked behind the clouds on the horizon.

As I headed back to the car, a cat on a stone wall was nice enough to pose for me and I found another fire hydrant to photograph.

Not as interesting as the fire hydrant art in Winnipeg, Manitoba or the fire hydrant art in Tweed, Ontario but, as those who follow my blogs know, fire hydrants always get my attention when they have interesting colour combinations or there is nothing more interesting around to photograph LOL.!



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  1. Dana Clarke says:

    Nice images. You don’t need the heavy artillery to make a good pic. But you do need it to tell what type of pizza they were eating on the boat 😉

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