Elvis is coming to Tweed, Ontario

The people of Tweed, Ontario are getting ready for an invasion of Elvis lookalikes for their big Elvis imitator weekend at the end of August. Everyone in Tweed was talking about the event when I stopped in town on my way to Toronto on Thursday. All I wanted to do was photograph Tweed’s interesting collection of painted fire hydrants. All of the discussion about Elvis was an added bonus. For more festival info visit the Tweed Tribute To Elvis Festival website.







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3 Responses to Elvis is coming to Tweed, Ontario

  1. Kathy Scott chair of Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival says:

    Tweed is really hopping about this festival. I would like to thank you for the posting of our festival on your site. It is greatly appreciated.
    Kathy Scott

  2. Joey Walsh says:

    Ron, thanks for the add. There are 32 Tribute artists competing for a chance to advance to Ultimate Elvis in Graceland. Hoping to sell out, so get your tickets before its too late!

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