Lake Superior/Lac Sup̩rieur РOld Woman Bay

Lake Superior/Lac Supérieur

Traveling back from our 2011 Breeding Bird Survey activity, we decided this time to travel along the shores of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes. Although more recent analysis has led researchers to conclude that Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are hydrologically one lake as opposed to the two lakes that they were in the day of my youth, and although they have declared that Lake Superior is now 2nd in size, not 1st in size, one look out over this vast body of water, still brings me to the same conclusion as it did 45 years ago. It is definitely one very large body of water!

One of the best locations to view Lake Superior is at Old Woman Bay since it provides a long sight-line out into the lake, provides a good idea of the cliffs that look out over the lake, shows the well rounded stones and sandy beaches that surround the lake and provide a safe location to dip one’s toes into the very cold waters of Lake Superior. The beach is not a manicured beach so driftwood is in abundance along the beach.

Old Woman River

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