Alan Playing Softball – GH2 Video vs. 40fps 2MP

Alan Playing Softball – GH2 Video vs. 40fps 2MP

So I gave my brother Alan a ride to his softball game and took some pictures of him at bat. The first time he was at bat I used the GH2’s 40FPS 2MP picture mode. Where the camera takes 40 two megapixel photos in 1 second. The picture above is a 100% crop.

I don’t know what the camera does to make this high-speed shot possible but it shows little artifacting although the colour IQ is lower than a full resolution image would normally show.

Next is a video using the GH2 and Lumix 20mm f1.7 lens at 24fps. Although If I remember correctly I punched up the shutter rate to 1/250 of a second in order to get a bit sharper image with less blur.

Alan made a wonderful play at first base a few moments after I snapped this shot but alas I didn’t capture the moment and neither did Graeme.

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