Watts Creek Trail Revisited – May 21, 2011

The sky was blue again today ( a rare treat these days) so my wife and I headed out for a cycle along the Watts Creek Trail from Kanata over to Britannia Beach. No tulips along this trail but the trees in the apple orchard were in full bloom as were the individual apple trees along the trail. Every so often, we would pass by a nice clump of fragrant lilacs which added to the the aromas of the ride. Someone in the residential area along the trail had a great smelling meal cooking on their BBQ, too!

When we arrived at my son’s apartment building, there was a vintage MG roadster in the parking lot so, of course, I had to stop to take a few pictures.

I can never resist photographing buildings reflected by shiny objects. In this case, I decided that I might just include myself in the picture :-).

Wasn’t too long and we were back on the bikes again and smelling the lilacs. Certainly beats those rainy days!

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