Tulip Art – Major Hill’s Park, Ottawa, Ontario

In addition to the natural tulips that one might normally expect to find at a tulip festival, the organizers also have a significant number of man-made tulip decorations (not sure what else to call them) along the pathways of Major’s Hill Park. Some have been painted by school children while others appear to have been painted by professional artists.

The art work receiving the most attention, featured Prince William and Kate Middleton and their recent wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey. See my June 30th blog entry of the Royal visit at Ottawa here.

One of the security personnel was quick to point out that the best part was on the back. Of course, I had to look!

I expect that this young lady will not have been the only one to take the opportunity to have her picture taken with royalty while visiting Major’s Hill Park during the Canadian Tulip Festival :-).

Looking for what’s happening in Ottawa at the Canadian Tulip Festival, visit the official Canadian Tulip Festival website and look forward to a great display of colours, shapes and forms.

In my case, I was heading back past the East Block on Parliament Hill to get my car and looking for more tulips to photograph along the Rideau Canal.

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  2. Claire says:

    That is one wicked artist who painted the kiss….
    And ‘Yes’ Chandon is only for pics…:)
    Time was of the essence and how to focus…
    Keep up the good work…Claire

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