The big bang theory of fireworks watching!

If you stand downwind from a fireworks display you get smoke in your eyes and the sound is louder. There are other words of advice and things to think about in our on-line Fireworks Tutorial but let’s just say that we don’t always follow our own advice.

We arrived late on the scene and didn’t have much time to pick our locations, so I suggested to Graeme that he cross over Carling Avenue and stand on the other side of the street closer to where we thought that the launch site would be. The gusting wind was coming straight at our faces!

The shot below gives an idea of how close he was. Graeme was one of the folks standing on the other side of the street. Bits of falling fireworks debris was landing all around him. A movie will follow once he has time to process the file.

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  1. Glen Gower says:

    Wow, nice shot.

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