A bit of adventure on the Jock River

Early in the year, the Jock River hosts the Jock River Canoe/Kayak 2011 race.

Today was not a race!

Today was the first of two leisurely excursions back into the Richmond fen with the Friends of the Jock River organization. The second excursion will be on Thursday May 5th (see the end of this blog for more details regarding timing, location and contact information). The weather today  was fine and the excursion leader was certainly happy to see the turnout for today’s excursion.

It wasn’t long before everyone was ready and heading upstream.

My wife was due home from Montreal on the VIA train at about the time that Graeme and I headed out onto the river. Not much longer, the Via train sped by on its way to Toronto.

There were an number of muskrats and beavers along the route and a high climbing little painted turtle got a lot of attention.

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