Upper section of Great Falls – Almonte, Ontario

After visiting the Lower section of Great Falls, I moved uphill to the upper section of Great Falls in Almonte, Ontario.

As the Mississippi River passes through the town of Almonte, the flow of the river is controlled and redirected by a series of weirs before it tumbles down over a series of flat plate rock structures, through rock cut, out over a second rock shelf and on downstream to the Ottawa River. A walk along the town’s Riverwalk, provides excellent vantage points to view the various rapids and cascading falls. THis type of Falls is called a “Plunge” falls and is similar geologically to the much larger falls where the Rideau River plunges into the Ottawa River.

I continued to walk upstream along the Riverwalk and enjoyed the many different views that the path provided.

Looking downstream to the edge of the weir above the upper section of the Great Falls.

The Weir

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