Poison Ivy time!

It’s that time of the year again when Poison Ivy plants begin to emerge once again. Poison Ivy is a noxious weed that frequents sandy soil and especially likes to grow beside forest margins and trails where photographers walk and along beach fronts where children play.Poison Ivy, noxious weed, allergic reaction,urushiol, plant, leaves of three

Poison Ivy negatively affects the health and enjoyment of thousands who are sensitive or allergic to the resinous sap of this noxious weed.

I have added a page to our tutorial section so that it stays pinned as a page rather than moving along as a blog post. Best treatment is to try and avoid this scourge. To see more pictures of Poison Ivy, that I have taken in various seasons and various locations, please visit our POISON IVY TUTORIAL PAGE and pass the link along to your friends so that they, too, may know what Poison Ivy looks like and avoid it.

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