Stowe, Vermont

We started off the morning X/C skiing at the groomed trails of the Trapp Family Lodge located on a mountainside above Stove, Vermont. There was still lots of snow in the woods but since the weather has been warm during the day and then freezing overnight, the trails, although groomed, were rather hard and granular in the morning when we first started out.  As the temperature increased, the snows softened and skiis became more manageable.

For me, unfortunately, I had picked the wrong wax combination and then added a bit of klister which proved my undoing. Although the combination gave me lots of grip going uphill, the glide part of the skiing experience was hit and miss and when skiis stop gliding while going downhill, it is not a pleasant experience.  Only my ego was damaged as I picked myself up off the ground -:( and continued on around the looped trail and successfully made it back to the parking lot.

Having had our exercise for the morning, we decided to drive down into the valley and visit some of the stores of Stowe, Vermont and then wander over to the Alpine Ski Hill.

The last time that I had been in Stowe, it had been snowing heavily with near white-out conditions as I drove past the shops. This time around it was blue sky and sunshine. For lunch we stopped at Stowe Dogs, a little restaurant that specializes in all forms of hot dogs. If you don’t like hots dogs, you can sit in a corner and stare at the walls (which are covered with photos of dogs from all over the world.

Once we had our fill of fancy hot dogs, we traveled up to the alpine ski hill area. After I took these photos, they had a power outage in the area but I had nothing to do with that event. I used a high shutter speed to stop the action not a flip of a power switch :-).

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