Feeding The Deer – Old Quarry Trail

Weather was nice today. Above freezing , sun shining and limited wind. A couple of days ago, I had decided to go out on the Beaver Trail with sunflower seeds in my pockets to feed the many Chickadees that frequent that trail. Today, I decided to head over to the Old Quarry Trail to see if I could find some deer to feed. With both carrots and sunflower seeds in my pockets, I was prepared for both Chickadees and deer. I had expected the trails to be wet and slippery so wore my better, water-resistant, boots. I was glad that I did!

I saw only one deer near the parking lot and it didn’t stick around for picture-taking sessions so I continued out along the rather slippery trails. The Chickadees were more than willing to come to my hand for seeds but since I was using a manual focus lens, it was a bit tough for me to photograph them on my fingertips so I spent a bit of time trying to get them when they stopped on a nearby branch.

At one location they wouldn’t come to feed from my hand but happily came to seed offered on a boardwalk railing.

Once they have a seed, the Chickadees head over to a nearby perch of their choice and then, holding tight to the seed, they peck at the outer seed hull until they can get at the seed inside.

The deer were still to come and I wasn’t to be disappointed but had to walk to a different part of the forest on a part of the trail that I don’t usually follow.

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