Old Montreal, Quebec – Just out wandering on a cold Sunday morning – Part 2

Cour d’Appel Du Quebec

It was morning. It was cold. The wind made it feel like -20C despite the bright sunshine. Very few people out on the streets. Wandering around the streets of Old Montreal under those conditions is quite the experience. The quiet was deafening. The stone and concrete gives off no heat.

Note: Due to the number of photos of this area, I am breaking this morning’s meanderings into two blog postings. This one focuses more on the architecture and the street layouts whereas Part 1 shows a few of the things that I found interesting.

At this time on a Sunday morning most of the doors were still locked up tight.

As time ticked on, I was joined by a few others out on the street. Some were carrying cameras and stopping to take a photo or two while others were just scurrying from location to location and spending as little time outside as possible. Still others were passing me by as they went about their daily jogging routine without concern for the temperatures around them. The sun was shining. The air was crisp and fresh. A great day to be alive!

Simon Cameras still occupies a prime spot but I expect that their behind-the-scenes on-line business now accounts for more business than their bricks and mortar outlet. They have been in business in Montreal since 1930. A wonderful store to visit.

Glad Simon Cameras was closed when I went by today, though. I didn’t want to spend any money! 🙂

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