Old Montreal, Quebec – Just out wandering on a cold Sunday morning – Part 1

It was morning. It was cold. The wind made it feel like -20C despite the bright sunshine. Very few people out on the streets. Wandering around the streets of Old Montreal under those conditions is quite the experience. The quiet was deafening.

Note: Due to the number of photos of this area, I am breaking this morning’s meanderings into two blog postings. This one will show a few things that I found interesting and the next one will focus more on the architecture and street layouts.

Old Montreal is a bustling sea port on the St. Lawrence River during the summer months but things are a lot quieter during the winter.

I guess I could have stopped to make a phone call or post a letter but I couldn’t think of anyone to call on a Sunday morning and definitely wasn’t carrying any stamps.

While out for this morning walk I stopped to talk to Rejean (His company – La calecherie d’art) while he and his horse and carriage waited in the cold for some new passengers to arrive. He was dressed warmly in his fur coat and his horse looked comfortable enough but I’m not sure how I would have felt about riding around the streets in a horse drawn carriage on this particularly cold morning. Others were happily doing it but I just shivered thinking about it. Others, likewise, probably thought I was a bit crazy to be out in the same weather with tripod and camera. Oh, well ….

As I stood looking out at the skyline of modern Montreal, I wondered what life might have been like when Old Montreal was the center of the world in this part of the St. Lawrence River system.

More images of Old Montreal.

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