Chickadees and more Chickadees

My brother flew in from Vancouver with his dog, Gilbert, last night for a visit with my father. After we stopped for a bit of lunch, my father suggested that he was up for a bit of a walk to feed the chickadees and maybe see the deer on Ottawa’s Greenbelt trails. So, without further prodding, off the three of us went to look for the Chickadees. The Chickadees and I have been seeing a lot of each other this week :-).

When we first got to the trails, we met a couple without any seeds. I remedied that quick enough and the chickadees and the nuthatches did the rest of the entertaining :-).

A soon as we got to a bench, my father quickly had his hand out. He knew the routine from past visits and it wasn’t long before he had a good share of the chickadee visits.

My brother thought that he would just photograph other people but I insisted that he put out his hand too! :-).  With camera in one hand and Chickadee in the other. A bird in the hand is worth …..  A picture is worth ….


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