Daytona Beach/Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

We had started the day in Cape Canaveral, traveled to Merritt Island to revisit some of its areas of interest and then backtracked to The northern suburbs of Orlando where I played a few hours of badminton. With weather conditions once again causing uncertainty, we decided to head back out to the coast and ended up in Daytona Beach/ Daytona Beach Shores area at nightfall. Lots of glittering lights in this popular resort town but with no speedway events scheduled, getting accommodation was easy. It was interesting to see the various motorcycle dealers with all of their neon signs advertising their product. Brought back some memories of when I used to ride a small motorcycle and get passed by the larger Harleys, Indians, Triumphs, Ducatis and just about every other brand imaginable.




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Ron has long had an interest in photography and traveling and, in recent years, has had more time to devote to both activities. Long a Pentax user, Ron switched to Nikon gear when he went digital. The advent of the digital SLR camera, and the ease of the internet blogging process, has provided a venue for sharing his photography and travel experience at the local, national and international level. More about Ron
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  1. William Hay says:

    I drive a 96 cu in Harley electraglide and it’s not nearly as big as the motorcycle Ron had when he gave me my first ride on the back of his really big motorcycle!

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