Cycling in Florida – Ponce Inlet

Started the day out with a trip to Ponce Inlet which is about 10 miles south of Daytona Beach. Attractions of Ponce Inlet include Florida’s tallest lighthouse and a long jetty stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean and a number of boardwalks and trails as well as a Marine Science Center.

The Marine Science Center was closed on Mondays, so I wandered along the adjacent woodland trails for a bit before cycling over to the coast and the long jetty.

This young photographer was working hard with her Nikon D60 trying to photograph the dolphins in the channel. I don’t think that she had any more success than I did. Pretty tough when the dorsal fin just breaks the surface for a moment or two.

The jetty is indeed a long one with plenty of folks fishing from it.

After wandering around the beach area for awhile, I headed over to the light house, paid my $5 admission fee, looked at the buildings on the site and then climbed to the top of this 175 foot lighthouse, the tallest in Florida and second tallest in the USA.

The view from the top is quite spectacular and heading back down is definitely easier than the climb to the top.

Having climbed and descended the lighthouse without incident, I joined up with John again and we headed north along the beach to a spot where we were told that thousands of gulls would soon be arriving.




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  1. William Hay says:

    Enjoying your pictures and reading of your trip. Fascinating.

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